Shoshone County Treasurer Candidate: Ellen Masterson

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Ellen R. Masterson, 61, is running for the Shoshone County Treasurer and hopes to continue the work she has been doing for last 20 years.

“Me and my team of two employees excel in accuracy and customer relations,” she said. “We strive to give clear and accurate information or explain how the tax system works. We generate, print, sort and mail out around 24,000 tax statements/reminder notices a year and perform all collections of taxes, balancing and depositing tax money.”

Masterson (D), the incumbent, is running against challenger Robin Stanley (I) for the position.

She is married to her husband Ellery and together they have a blended family of five children and 13 grandchildren. Her education includes a high school diploma from Lakeland High School.

Masterson has a combined 39 years of experience in the financial industry, starting with banking for 19 years before becoming the county Treasurer in 1998.

During her time as Treasurer, she has overseen the daily handling of the money collected by the county’s various departments. Her office then invests the money safely for the best yield and balances all cash with the Clerk/Auditor’s office.

“My office is mandated by Idaho Code and I am well versed in the laws that pertain… to my job duties as Treasurer/Tax Collector/Public Administrator,” she said. “I know the importance of adhering to the law in all of my job duties. My office always meets or exceeds all deadlines … and have had passing audits every year.”

Masterson has also reached several personal goals as Treasurer, such as moving up the ranks of officers for the Idaho Association of County Treasurers and being sworn in as president in 2009. She has also received several certifications that include being a Certified Finance Official (both from Boise State University and North Idaho College), Certified Finance Professional and Certified Finance Executive (through NIC and the IACT Association).

This is added to more than 300 hours of continuing education from the Idaho Treasurers Association.

If elected, Masterson plans to continue to use her vast financial know-how to provide Shoshone County with unsurpassed reliability and knowledge.

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