KPD Roll Call: Sept. 4-11

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•Report of person riding on hood of car on McKinley Ave. While in route Reporting Party reported person got back into car and took off. Cleared Unable To Locate (UTL).

•Brush fire at MP 49 WB. RP was able to get the fire out before my arrival. Cleared other agency assist. Again, fireman tryouts were a bust...

•Citizen contact at Gondolier. Cleared public assist.

•Received landline regarding fire alarm at RP’s neighbor’s house. Nobody was home and no smoke had been reported. K73 was at the residence earlier for the same reason. Cleared Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner. Visual warning for speed 900 block of Division (32/25). A visual warning you ask? That’s when we see you speeding, then you see us seeing you speeding, then we point a finger at you in a downward motion for you to slow down.

•Worked on fire investigation with IDL.

•Call to dogs in a car on McKinley Ave. Both dogs were happy and not in distress. Cleared code 4.

•Detoxed an adult female at the farmers market. She was very lady like and expectorated all over the back of K73’s patrol car. K73 had put an expectoration hood on said female before he started transporting her to the jail (as she was already expectorating in the back of the patrol car). While in route, K73 heard the all too familiar sound of someone drumming up some expectoration. Said female expectorated into the expectoration hood. Expectoration hood did its job and said expectoration was contained. At this point, K73 looks at her and says “how did that work out for you?” Well, said adult female looks back at K73, does some kind of head whip/shoulder shrug and the expectoration hood somehow falls off her head. She immediately drums up another batch of expectoration and expels it onto my dash and windshield. She then looks at me and says “how did that work out for you?” Touche. Yeah, K73 kept his mouth shut for the rest of the drive to the jail. Cleared detoxed.

•Dispatched to KMS for report of a male juvenile making threats to harm himself. After speaking with parents, there was no threat of him actually harming himself however the parents would like me to speak with him. Cleared public assist.

•Dispatched to SMC for a female juvenile on her own. Upon arrival, I made contact with her and she wanted to be seen for personal reasons. I contacted the parent of said juvenile female and parent wanted to report her as a runaway since she felt like she couldn’t control her anymore. After transporting female juvenile to SCSO, I contacted the parent once more and they decided that they trusted the male adult she was with. So I transported juvenile female back to Kellogg with no charges following. Cleared, most public assisting ever.

•Paper service all the way to Pinehurst but cleared, negative contact.

•Found a vehicle that had its driver’s door open for about a half hour. Checked on vehicle owner to make sure they were ok. Subject was code 4.

•Noise complaint 100 block S. Division. I believe the complaint was the farmers market playing music too loud. Upon my arrival the market was cleared.

•Traffic stop on Bunker Ave for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal.

•School patrol-walk through.

•Public assist at Kellogg Lumber.

•Traffic stop on Hill St. into Avista parking lot for no plates. Driver ended up having a temp registration in back window. Cleared verbal.

•Walk in report of burglary on 600 block of W Riverside. Report taken.

•Paper service on 10 block of N Division. Cleared papers served.

•Placed 48-hour tow notice on vehicle on 100 block of E Portland.

•Attempt To Locate (ATL) on a vehicle involved in a hit and run. Cleared UTL.

•Called to Amy Lynn’s for report of a fight. Cleared cite and release x2 for battery.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Dave Smith Security contacted me regarding a male passed out behind the wheel on the I-90 Frontage Road. After making contact with male he was transported to SCSO.

•Dispatched to City Park for a welfare check. Established contact with a male and provided a courtesy transport home.

•Responded to reports of a vehicle peeling out in the construction zones near W. Mission, W. Mullan, W.Elder and N. Division. After speaking with multiple eye witnesses, I suspected a resident on W. Elder was the cause of this. Made contact with the male at his residence but was unable to find out if this was the individual doing these things.

•V.I.N. inspection on the 10 block of W. Mullan.

•Dispatched to suspicious activity on the 200 block of W. Portland Ave. Made contact with reporting party and determined the issue was a civil matter.

•Traffic stop on 200 block E Cameron for no turn signal. Cleared verbal.

•Assisted county up Moon Gulch for Fight in progress. Cleared other agency assist.

•Fight in progress on 100 block of E Portland. Trespassed male juvenile from a residence near dispatched location and created report.

•County assist in Pinehurst. Male yelling behind a store. Upon arrival, male was yelling for his dog. Helped male subject find his dog. Cleared other agency assist.

•Traffic stop in Yoke’s parking lot for driving on a closed road. Gave verbal warning.

•Harassment call at the Shoshone apartments. Cleared unfounded.

•Civil standby at Shoshone apartments. Cleared NAT.

•Civil standby on the 100 block of Mullan Ave. Cleared NAT.

•Called to a Juvenile runaway 400 block south division. Juvenile was signed as runaway.

•Civil Standby at the Cameron Conoco.

•Foot patrol at KMS.

•Took dog in from County.

•Suicidal subject/possible over dose on Riverside Ave. Subject had taken some over the counter sleeping pills and washed them down with a Steel Reserve. Subject went to hospital in the ambulance at their request.

•Suicidal subject on Legion Ave. Subject went to the hospital in the ambulance at their request. Cleared NAT.

•Attended meeting at IDL with prosecutor. Case is looking good for an arrest soon.


•Called to Ace hardware for a female that did not want to leave the store because she had dropped her meds and was looking for them. Female left when I asked her to do so. Cleared NAT.

•Called to a found bicycle that they thought may be stolen. Kid rode up on one bike and took the other. After talking with the kid more however, the bicycle that was taken was also not his and was given to him from another kid a month ago, Parents were contacted. Cleared Public assist, Bike is in storage.

•Welfare check at Cameron Conoco, subject was code 4.

•Vandalism report from Dave Smith Motors cleared report taken.

•Arrested juvenile for runaway and transported to JDC.

•Citizen contact at KPD reference vehicle. He was told his vehicle was towed in February- we could not find any record of the vehicle. Might have been stolen out in the county. Public Assist.

•Landline request regarding paper service. He had questions, advised him to come in tomorrow to see if it is something that we can even serve (unable to answer questions over the phone as I was not sure of what he was talking about).

•Civil paper attempted and served x1.

•Traffic stop Division and McKinley. Driver was a little too aggressive going through the gravel in the construction zone at Cameron and Division. Verbal.

•Traffic stop Division and Portland. Verbal warning for white light to the rear.

•Briefly assisted K76 with DUI crash after end of shift. 1221 took over assisting (wait for tow).

Be Happy, Be Safe, Football season is here.

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