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According to the news media, month of February 2019 was the second snowiest February ever. Now I would like to share with you every day that it snowed in the Bauman Addition, Kingston, for the month of February. The following information comes from my weather diary, which dates back to 1971.

•Monday, February 4th, light dusting of new snow, non-measurable.

•Tuesday, February 5th, about one inch of new snow.

•Wednesday, February 6th , one inch of new snow.

•Thursday, February 7th, light dusting of new snow.

•Friday, February 8th, snowing at 11am, 2:03 p.m. I measured 2 inches of new snow.

•Saturday, February 9th, one inch of new snow, did not measure.

•Sunday , February 10th, snowing currently at 10:16 a.m.

•Monday, February 11th, three inches of new snow.

•Tuesday , February 12th, four inches of new snow.

•Wednesday, February 13th, 3 inches of new snow.

•Thursday, February 14th, light dusting of new snow ( Valentine’s Day).

•Friday, February 15th snowed three inches.

•Saturday, February 16th, measured thirteen inches on the level.

•Sunday, February 17th, about one inch of new snow.

•Monday, February 18th, no new snow, low temperature ten degrees above zero(cold).

•Tuesday, February 19th, light skift of new snow.

•Wednesday, February 20th, two inches of new snow.

•Saturday, February 23rd, two inches of new snow. I measured seventeen inches of snow on the level.

•Tuesday, February 26th, two inches of new snow.

•Thursday, February 28th four inches of new snow.

All these snow measurements were taken in the Bauman Addition, Kingston, only 24 Lilac Ave. at my residence. I bet the snow in burke and Mullan was a lot deeper.

James L. Baker


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