Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Follow-up on water district letter

| April 6, 2020 2:50 PM

Just a follow up on the pick and choose option.

As a former employee I am also writing this letter to inform the general public/rate payers of Central Shoshone County Water District. Not only is the water district a pick and choose but a shut up, turn your head and walk away outfit.

When I first started I was sexual harassed by a board member which was witnessed by other employee’s. I did everything by the book from filing a report, informing management, and other board members of this crime but it went nowhere. For years it was a laughing joke at the district but to me it was extremely embarrassing, not to mention uncomfortable to attend board meetings and even show up for work.

Back to the pick and choose option my good friend and former co-worker is a 100% correct on this matter, I know because I seen it first hand and lived it with him. Like he said it was HELL. The reason I am no longer with the district besides the sexual harassment and other crimes committed...I personally took a month of absence to better myself and fix some problems in my life.

Upon my return I was told by management I would be getting a pay cut and demoted of my duties. “Legally not right”. So the pick and choose option isn’t the only issue at the district being overlooked.

I hope this never happens to anyone ever again and all this gets attention.

Casey Marek,