Legals for April, 10 2020

| April 10, 2020 12:00 AM

NOTICE OF HEARING ON NAME CHANGE (Adult or Emancipated Minor) IN THE DISTRICT COURT FOR THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT FOR THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SHOSHONE IN RE: Melanie Sue Shelton Dunn CASE NO. CV-40-20-155 A Petition to change the name of Melanie Sue Shelton Dunn, now residing in the City of Kellogg, State of Idaho, has been filed in the District Court in Shoshone County, Idaho. The name will change to Melanie Sue Shelton. The reason for the change in name is: didn't change name when I got divorced and I wish I had. A hearing on the petition is scheduled for 10 o'clock a.m. on May 4, 2020, at the Shoshone County Courthouse. Objections may be filed by any person who can show the court a good reason against the name change. Date: March 5, 2020 JIM BRANNON, CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT By: /s/ Debi Ruggles Deputy Clerk SHO LEGAL 3452 AD#373478 MARCH 27, APRIL 3, 10, 17, 2020

ANOTHER SUMMONS IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SHOSHONE RVFM4 SERIES LLC, Plaintiff, VS.SHAWN KELLY STONE, Defendant. CASE NO.40-20-0118 NOTICE: YOU HAVE BEEN SUED BY THE ABOVE-NAMED PLAINTIFF(S). THE COURT MAY ENTER JUDGMENT AGAINST YOU WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE UNLESS YOU RESPOND WITHIN TWENTY (20) DAYS. READ THE INFORMATION BELOW: TO: SHAWN KELLY STONE, and all other occupants of 306 High Street, Wallace, Idaho. YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that in order to defend this lawsuit, an appropriate written response must be filed With the above-designated court within twenty (20) days after service of this Summons on you. If you fail to so respond, the Court may enter Judgment against you as demanded by the Plaintiffs in the Complaint. A copy of the Complaint is served with this Summons. If you Wish to seek the advice or representation by an attorney in this matter, you should do so promptly so that your written response, if any, may be filed in time and other legal rights protected. An appropriate written response requires compliance With Rule 10(a)(1) and other Idaho Rules 0f Civil Procedure and shall also include: 1. The title and number of this case. 2. If your response is an Answer to the Complaint, it must contain admissions or denials of the separate allegations of the Complaint and other defenses you may claim. 3. Your signature, mailing address, and telephone number, or the signature, mailing address and telephone number of your attorney. 4. Proof of mailing or delivery of a copy of your response to Plaintiffs attorney, as designated above. To determine whether you must pay a filing fee with your response, contact the Clerk of the above-named Court. DATED: April 2, 2020 Clerk of the District Court By: /s/ Debi Ruggles Deputy SHO LEGAL 3457 AD#375725 APRIL 10, 17, 24, MAY 1, 2020

CITY OF PINEHURST QUARTERLY FINANCIAL REPORT Period Ending 3/31/19 FY 2019-2020 YTD YTD YTD % of FUND BUDGET RECEIPTS SALARIES EXPENSES Budget General 335,024 219,722 73,812 72,492 23% Streets 582,939 85,840 21,446 24,062 4% TOTAL 917,963 305,562 95,258 96,554 Citizens are invited to inspect the detailed supporting records of the above financial report at the Pinehurst City Hall. City Hall is accessible to persons with disabilities. Anyone desiring accommodations for disabilities related to this financial report, please contact the City Clerk at 682-3721. Carla Ross City Clerk SHO LEGAL 3458 AD#375741 APRIL 10. 2020