Monday, May 17, 2021

Kellogg mayor’s corner

by Mac Pooler
| August 6, 2020 11:27 AM

Have you been wondering what is going on along Bunker Avenue near Kellogg Middle School? This year the City of Kellogg is finishing up its road rehabilitation work through the State/ EPA Road Replacement Program. This part of the project was delayed to allow work to be done at the Central Treatment Plant (CTP) and at the Central Impoundment Area (CIA) so as to not damage new asphalt with heavy truck traffic during that project.

With construction on those projects winding down, Kellogg is now moving forward with its remaining road work. Storm water lines and drains in this area will be upgraded and new drywells will be installed along Wildcat Way and Bunker Ave. The road base on both of these road sections will be rebuilt and new asphalt will be laid.

Access along Wildcat Way and to the Kellogg Middle School area and the new fire hall will remain open throughout the project. The contractor, Big Sky Corporation, is well ahead of schedule and at present barring any delays, hopes to be done with their work in the first week of September.

Shoshone County has partnered with the City to have a short section of road in Italian Gulch paved at the same time. Big Sky will also be handling this project and paving will be done there in conjunction with the paving on Bunker Ave and Wildcat Way. The work up Italian Gulch is just outside the City limits and will be paid for by Shoshone County.

As always, be safe and please be patient as workers do their job. Take some extra time traveling through the work area and follow directions noted on traffic signage. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project please contact city hall at (208) 786-9131 and ask to speak with Mr. Craig Lewis the City Superintendent of Public Works.