Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Personal Rights

| August 17, 2020 11:34 AM

Governments hold sway over us because, as individuals, we collectively decided to give our personal power to these entities for safe keeping.

When we gave our consent to those who govern we gave it with a number of caveats which safeguard us from abuse. Chief among those provisions is the recognition that every individual regardless of race, creed, color, religion or sex is entitled to equal legal protection.

As Americans operating under the primary legal entitlement of, “equal protection under the law” we too are required to reciprocate socially and treat all persons as equal. Certainly, the term “equal” does not apply to financial benefits or physical attributes, but rather it connotes equally in a spiritual context. This was benchmark of the Declaration of Independence which contended that all peoples collectively have been endowed by our creator with rights that cannot be separated from all individuals and that among those are: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As such, when we deny these rights to others through personal action we violate not only our mutual social contract but God’s law.

Herein lies the issue, as presented, rights are collective. As such, when people contend they have “their rights to abuse others healthcare” the question needs to focus not the primary individual’s assertion but the collective behavior that gave them their rights to begin with.

People are misinformed when they shout, “I got my (individual) rights” wrongly assuming that rights are distinctly personal, but a quick study for these people is not pay their property taxes to find the collective group that protects them will release them from that responsibility and they will get their individuality by being homeless. Such people that want to hold themselves aloof from governance because they do not agree with the laws are not without recourse as they may seek to alter or amend government in a rational manner. But this is not generally the case for most of these, “I got my rights” group, because it would involve participation rather than belligerence. Thus, since it is far more easy to be crude and requires little thought we may count on active change being shunned from them.

So to those of you that continue to scream about your ‘got my rights “ being invaded — you never had personal rights in the first place. Again, those rights come the collective nature of from all of us banding together. TRY to be civil because nobody cares about your inept selfish behavior and we are all tired.

Honoring Ms. Latah,

Jon Ruggles, Wallace