Stimulus Plan

| December 21, 2020 2:22 PM

Republicans just can't force themselves to give any money to anyone except big corporations or their wealthy donors. No matter how many people are struggling to survive Republicans keep putting forth no plan to help the American people. They can't give anyone any stimulus because then they won't want to take a job that pays less than the poverty level of income.

Republicans got their feelings hurt when their insecure presidential candidate lost. He lost the election "badly," he has lost all of his conspiracy theories based court cases, he even lost twice to the Supreme Court that he packed. Trump has broken every protocol ever designed to keep the government on the straight and narrow. Trump has the whole Republican Party eating out of his hand, don't cross me or I will say nasty things about you. Or he will send his crazy followers out to threaten your life.

Republicans have no objection to running an autocratic country as long as it's them that's in power. If you dare go against Trump, you are "gone."

I don't know when the gutless Democrats are going to call McConnell's bluff. McConnell always sets some perceived deadline that the Democrats must meet or he won't negotiate. Tell him to go to hell, and shut the government down. That's what the Republicans would do if roles were reversed. What a shame we have politicians both in state and federal GOP politicians taking small business loans that were meant for public small business survival.

Let me tell you how this all ends. Every working glass American loses everything, are so deep in debt they can never pay their way out. Then all the corporations go bankrupt and the government bails them out. This past president has shown them how he does it. But what happens if this "Crook" we call our president goes to jail? I can't wait until Jan. 6 when the two Republicans running for the Senate get defeated. Who would vote for crooks that line their own pockets at the expense of everyone else. Maybe after Jan. 20 we can go back to being a Democratic Country.

To all you people who can't abide by simple CDC guidelines to protect yourselves and others. Please show some compassion, and empathy for those 317,000-plus families that have lost loved ones. Imagine if you were one of these families that had lost loved ones, or maybe a child who got no Christmas because his family has lost everything because our government can't help taxpayers when their in trouble through no fault of their own.