In response to Mr. Scott's letter

| December 28, 2020 10:02 AM

Trite and redundant rants are not productive, Fred.

There are others on here too, just like you who can’t seem to think outside someone else’s thoughts, absolutely nothing original, just half baked milk toast with sprinkles of tofu and insults, (of which there are plenty spewed toward people who don’t gobble up the whole existence of spoon fed mush).

Original thought is hard to find these days I guess, but many would rather have someone else living in their head. Here’s an idea, a thought I thunk myself, for all the so-called “WOKE” ponder this. Satan said to Eve in the garden of Eden, eat of the tree of good and evil and surely your eyes will be “opened” and surely you shall not die.

Hmm, the world's first “woke,” lies are nothing new, but it’s your free will to keep believing them and regulating little mockingbirds.