Vote YES for the KSD Replacement Levy

February 25, 2020 1:00 AM

Vote YES for the KSD Replacement Levy

I have worked as a teacher at Kellogg High School for the last three and a half years, and care deeply about the growth and success of this district. I am an advocate for the arts, an adviser and supporter of extracurricular activities, and a patron of organized sports. These extremely valuable programs will be in jeopardy if the KSD Replacement Levy is not passed on March 10. The passing of this levy is vital for the continued advancement of the Kellogg School District. Supporting extracurricular activities and sports in a small town is critical to upholding quality teachers and staff, decreasing dropout rates, and providing creative and competitive outlets for students to explore.

The current levy is responsible for 28% of our budget, which is nearly a THIRD of the overall funds that maintain programs such as band, choir, drama, athletics, and various staff members in charge of these programs. If this levy is not replaced, our students will suffer, our community will lose important programs, and our schools will take a giant step backward. Placing your vote in support of the KSD Replacement Levy on March 10 will signify your personal support of a brighter future for our community, for our local economy, and for the success and happiness of current and future generations. This levy, which will only cost an additional 88 cents per week for most households, will guarantee diversified education for all our students and open doors for their future.

Please visit for more information and vote YES on March 10.