Cheering on the Kellogg Replacement Levy

February 28, 2020 1:00 AM

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Langer and I am a senior at Kellogg High School. I have been a cheerleader for four years, in concert/pep band for seven years and participated in choir for three years. These extracurriculars have provided so many amazing memories, such as traveling with my friends to games or seeing other professional band performances.

The Supplemental Levy that is being proposed and on the ballot for the March 10 election, is really important to me and other students at the high school because it is the main source that provides funding for these activities. If this levy does not pass, we are in danger of all these opportunities being cut and taken away. Not just classes like band and choir, but even sports like basketball and football.

Please take the time to look into what the Replacement Levy is and what it can do for the students in the Kellogg School District and vote yes on March 10.