Sup’s Corner

by Nancy Larsen
| June 1, 2020 11:10 AM

The 2020 graduation for everyone, everywhere, has been met with uncertainty and sadness. In the Kellogg School District we were faced with a set of guidelines that prevented us from the usual traditions we all look forward to doing. So, a mighty group of people put their heads together to design a workable plan. If anyone had told me that we would be holding graduation in the student parking lot at the high school last year at this time, I would have thought they were crazy. But, that’s exactly what happened.

The days leading up to graduation are always filled with excitement and responsibilities. That was not different this year along with graduates wearing a cap and gown, marching to Pomp and Circumstance, and receiving a diploma. Thankfully we were able to fit those in; however, most everything else was different.

Instead of sitting on bleachers in Andrews Gymnasium, families joined together in the comfort of their cars. Instead of graduates coming up to receive a diploma in twos, entire families came up with them. Instead of gathering together for a senior picture, students exited their cars and smiled at a drone overhead. And, instead of distant families hearing about the festivities after the event, they were able to tune in from anywhere they happened to be located.

In my address during the ceremony, I conjectured that the event would be different, and that it was going to be the best graduation held at Kellogg High School. I think I was right. We didn’t let adversity keep us from celebrating our graduates. We kept up tradition and let our seniors know how much they mean to all of us. I’ve always lived by the phrase: “Good work, done well, feels great!” In this case it goes out to our seniors persevering through to the end of a school year and it also goes out to the team of individuals who poured their hearts and souls into making the graduation grand. I am so proud of both of these groups.

In the days ahead, we will be faced over and over with the same type of challenges in the Kellogg School District. As with graduation, we will put our heads together and get the job done and, who knows, maybe it will be even better than ever before.