America grieves

| June 4, 2020 4:00 PM

The World Grieves because we have a President who wants to pit people against people, and countries against countries, dividing everyone up. Trump only associates with corrupt leaders of the world thinking this makes him look strong and others look weak. No matter how bad his polices or hateful rhetoric, reflect on American Democracy the Republican Party supports his every move. We have lost the respect of the world by letting Trump wreck our ideals, Government for the people by the people.

Even though the world is sick with Covid-19 and people are dying because Trump can’t force him self to show leadership, he continues to cast blame on others for his failed leadership. Trump tries to divide everyone up, and spew hate at anyone who dares to disagree with him. Trump tries to make himself out the hero by demanding that stimulus checks have his name on them so people think the money is coming from him. Folks it is your money, Trump is giving you nothing.

Our people have lost their livelihood, have no health insurance, can’t pay their rent or home loans, many are going hungry. But neither Trump or the GOP want to get relief out to the people or small businesses. Their only goal is to see that big corporations and banks get money first. Trump thinks that common people and minorities don’t even deserve a basic living. How can anyone have no empathy, or compassion, or even common decency in a time of peril that most people are experiencing. Only Donald J Trump could be that heartless.

Trump must praise himself no matter how bad his policies hurt others, he cannot take responsibility for anything, just cast blame else where. Everything with Trump is my military, my African American, my farmers, my economy, me, me, me. According to Trump everybody loves him, he even puts himself ahead of his own family, on national television he brags he is more popular than his own family.

All his life Trump has been rescued from his own mistakes with his families money. So it is natural for him to try to intimidate others to make himself look good. Trump has never had to take responsibility for any of his failed decisions, he just blames it all on someone else being weak. He is the one who always passes the buck to the mayors, or governors so when things go south he can blame them.

Trump your insensitive tweets only show your insecurity. Why not come before the public and try to unite us, instead of pushing everyone away. Election day is coming up soon, and that is when you will have to face the American voter. Nobody can rescue you from your own insecurity. The American people deserve better.

Fred Scott,