A mixed bag for Kellogg’s events

by Josh McDonald
Staff Reporter | June 12, 2020 1:22 PM

KELLOGG — As is everything involving the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a give and take, and for the Silver Valley Chamber it’s going to be a balancing act this summer.

After the Kellogg City Council met on Wednesday evening and amidst everything else on their agenda, they made their recommendation for summer events.

As Idaho moves into Stage 4 of Gov. Brad Little’s re-opening plan, as per the plan, groups of greater than 50 are now able to happen, but the city of Kellogg decided to keep that number at no greater than 50 until at least July 8.

With everything up in the air, planning for an event like the annual Fourth of July celebration was essentially impossible, but the city’s decision made that easier for the Chamber.

There will be no daylong Fourth of July celebration in the city of Kellogg, however, Silver Mountain will still be providing a fireworks show for the night of July 4.

The Silver Hoops 3-on-3 Tournament still has some life however.

Following the city’s July 8 deadline, any requests for events will have to have a solid plan in place to ensure that necessary steps are being taken to keep the event as safe as possible.

At the Council meeting it was discussed how social distancing can be difficult to maintain, including near impossible for players, but that the virus doesn’t spread as easily on surfaces and from those who are asymptomatic.

With that knowledge, the Chamber has given their blessing for the Silver Hoops Committee to continue pursuing a proposal that can be submitted to the city for approval.

After listening to members of the Chamber speak on the matter, Director Shayleen Jerome addressed what she believed to be an underlying part of why Silver Hoops 2020 is so important.

“I can hear everyone’s heart when they talk about this and I can see why it’s such a big deal for us,” Jerome said. “We want to be in the business of giving people something to look forward to and be hopeful about. This is one of those things that people and kids really look forward to. People love this event.”

Not only do people love this event, but it is also an incredible weekend for local businesses who regularly see an uptick in restaurant visitors, hotel reservations and everything in-between.

The visitors are one of the primary reasons that the City Council is nervous about hosting such an event, but the point has been made that places like Silver Mountain, the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River and many other attractions are already seeing those out-of-town visitors.

Kellogg Mayor Mac Pooler once again conveyed his desire to see events happen, but is steadfast in being cautious regarding how quick his city begins promoting large gatherings of local and out-of-town folks.

“We don’t want to restrict anybody, but sometimes tough decisions have to be made,” Pooler said. “I think we made a fair determination by allowing the opportunity for these event organizers to figure out if they can put on an event that is safe and can follow proper guidelines.”

If this event is going to be pulled off, the Chamber is asking for as much community support as they can get.

Silver Hoops is currently scheduled for July 25-26.

If you would like to volunteer for Silver Hoops, please contact the Silver Valley Chamber Office at 208-784-0821.