Water District’s ‘pick and choose’ option

| March 23, 2020 2:57 PM

Water District’s ‘pick and choose’ option

I write this letter to inform the general public/rate payers of Central Shoshone County Water District.

Your Board of Directors have always operated under a pick and choose option. I myself am still waiting on a check for 160 hours going back to September of 2019. This is where that pick and choose option comes in.

Past employees have been paid but for me I landed on the wrong side. This also goes for those that are calling to make arrangements for paying their bill. Once again pick and choose option comes into play.

I’m sorry but you do for one you do for all, and this is not the way CSC operates.

I would advise that people of the district attend board meetings if they will let you in because that pick and choose things again applies on who they let in. They wont even let certain employees attend. But if your on the good side please raise some questions because having been on the inside for 10 years not everyone is treated the same.

I also pray that the current employees of the district not have to go through what I’ve been through because its hell. Not to mention wrong.

Derek Jarvey,