Sup’s corner

by Nancy Larsen
| May 4, 2020 1:05 PM

The first week of May is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s been a time to recognize hard work and dedication to students. It’s different this year. With everything that has occurred, one of the bright side-effects is that teachers are now recognized among the heroes of our society. They may not have the 366 batting average like Ty Cobb, they may not average 30 points a game like Michael Jordan, and they can’t match Tiger Woods’ golf swing; but, they can manage a classroom of 30 unique students at one time and inspire them to learn. The home runs they hit are measured in small milestones of a struggling student who finally understands; a hungry child who is fed at school; and, providing a listening ear to help students through life’s issues.

Our schools abound with heroes. We’ve always known it, but today many more people are expressing it. And, these accolades don’t only apply to teachers. Every employee of the Kellogg School District has had an opportunity to shine in ways they never knew they would be called to do. Daily I’m humbled by the efforts they have shown. I am extremely proud of each of them. Just two months ago, we were doing school for what we knew as normal. Now, everything is jumbled and we’re still reaching out to students in new and creative ways.

The people on my staff are my heroes, and if they are yours, please take a moment to reach out to them. Let them know they are bright spots in our community. Please make a poster and display it in your window, send them a note, call those you personally know, or find your own creative way to show appreciation.

On Wednesday I’m hosting a staff drive-in to the district office to pick up their annual token of thanks. This small token has traditionally been delivered to them, but this year, we’ve found another way. Of course, we have built in the plan to social distance and be cautious. Honestly, I can’t wait to see them. I miss being in our schools. I miss the sounds, smells, and the energy which normally fills our halls. I truly appreciate each cherished member of the Kellogg School District, every year, but especially this year.