Saturday, April 10, 2021

The election is over

| November 9, 2020 11:25 AM

Everybody had some winners and losers, so now we need to come together and make our country a more perfect union and more inclusive to everyone. No one person, or political party should rule what happens to the country as a whole.

It is past time to put dignity back into hard work, no one should dominate those below them in status. No human should be regulated to being another human’s slave. We have put those at the top be they corporate leaders, or politicians being paid ridiculous salaries and benefits, while those at the bottom aren't even entitled to a living wage.

With this COVID-19 pandemic raging across the world, we can't even bring ourselves to follow suggested protocols to bring it under control. We all make our own decisions about where we want to go in our lives. I think we all need to assess how we respect one another, and come together and have more compassion, and empathy for everyone, not just our own selfish views. So let's put our differences aside and come together as one nation under God.