Enforce mask use at Walmart!

| October 5, 2020 11:54 AM

I shopped at Walmart last night and in spite of a large sign at the entry saying that masks are required, it is not being enforced. At least half the people in our Walmart did not have masks on. When I asked an employee and a manager about it, I was told that because a few people were getting angry and challenging the clerks, they decided not to enforce.

Apparently, they are willing to let bullies set policy and endanger everyone because, for personal reasons, they don't want to wear a mask.

The rest of us are trying hard to not infect each other by following the CDC guidelines telling us to wear a mask and use social distancing.

Walmart needs to find the courage and the will to enforce their own policy in spite of a few grumps.

It's not fair to the employees or the public to be exposed to COVID because a small minority of people are offended and don't think they have to obey common sense rules meant to protect us all and end this pandemic sooner with less loss of lives rather than later with all that implies.

There is a simple solution for our Walmart. Install one or two brave people at the entrance along with some cheap disposable masks and tell people coming in that if they want to enter they need to put one on.

Please speak up for all of us and demand that Walmart start enforcing their own policy.