Slow down in Wardner!

| October 5, 2020 11:52 AM

To the residents and visitors to our small city of Wardner. Yes, we have been discovered after 35 years of dormancy. When the Bunker and other area mines closed down in the early '80s, Wardner was not much more than a ghost town with a few die hard families that were here to stay.

Our area has been rediscovered by Rathdrum Prairie and Washington state growth. We as residents, would like our new residents and guests to obey the speed limits and building ordinances posted as you enter our once quite community.

I understand as most locals do, (my wife and I have 15 years in Wardner and more in Kellogg) that winter is coming and we all want to HURRY and get things finished up “before the snow flies.” PLEASE, PLEASE obey the 25-mile-an-hour speed limit, stop the Jake braking, obey the school bus signage and leave 5 minutes earlier for work. We've had several issues of collateral damage due to speeding. Slow down. You've come here because of the peace and quite of our small community; please participate and keep it that way.