Vote NO for the State Constitutional Amendment

| October 5, 2020 11:43 AM

I write to encourage every Idaho voter to vote NO for the State Constitutional Amendment that will appear on our Nov. 3 ballot.

Idaho voters are asked to approve an amendment to the Idaho Constitution that will fix the number of legislative districts for the state permanently at 35.

The first time that I saw this proposal was last Sunday when I received my voter’s pamphlet in the mail from the Secretary of State. The proposed amendment was approved nearly unanimously by our Legislature in March 2020. Where were the legislators who represent Idaho’s rural counties? There has been very little reporting by the media on this amendment and very little public debate between January and today.

The Idaho Constitution originally provided for representation from each county, mirroring the structure of the United States Constitution. It was described as a democratic republic, so designed to protect and accommodate the minority rights of the less populated and more rural states and counties. It was unique and effective. If it is to be amended, it should be done with the bright lights on the debate, with a thorough discussion.

From my view, it appears to have been advanced very deliberately very quietly. There is NO question in my mind that this amendment is discriminatory and bad for sparsely populated counties and most rural areas.

Our constitution, if this amendment is approved, will likely eliminate at least 20% of Idaho counties from any representation in our Legislature. It is too late to call our legislators. It is too late to hold public meetings.

I ask everyone to pass this information to everyone you know. On the street, on the phone, on any and all forms of social media. JUST VOTE NO.