| October 7, 2020 3:04 PM

It is about time we the people start speaking up. I just read the letters to the editor in the Shoshone News-Press. I want to add my voice to the letters by Gail Mathews, Jon Cantamessa, Jon Ruggles and Rick Gilbert.

What sense does it make to have rules or mandates if no one is obligated to follow them. Local businesses want us to patronize them but they are afraid to make everyone follow proper protocol to protect us all. I have been in the Wallace Excell when half the customers had no mask, Builders Maintenance where no one wore a mask, the super stop in west Wallace again no one with a mask on, I have also witnessed a Shoshone County Deputy going into Excel in Wallace with no Mask, what a way to show support for your local businesses. I have also witnessed Walmart customers with no mask. I know many people are going to say they can't wear a mask for health reasons, I have more health issues than 10 people ought to have, but I manage to wear a mask. If I couldn't wear a mask, I would arrange to have my business conducted by someone who could. COVID-19 is no joke, and I hope you never have to find this out. Just use common sense and we might all get through this.

I have already voted and like Mr. Cantamessa I voted no on the State Constitutional Amendment. I also voted against the Trump Administration, and all their gutless Republican enablers. In case you haven't noticed, the GOP don't care about anyone but big corporations, who bankroll their party agenda. They are all for no unions because they think the working people should not have a living wage, health care, vacation time or paid holidays. The working man is supposed to pay all the taxes while corporations get all the tax breaks so they don't have to pay any taxes. All politicians want you to pay for their benefits, salaries, retirement and not have any say about politics. Consider how many of these politicians are millionaires, even billionaires. Ask yourself how that happened?

Anyone who thinks the Republicans give a damn about working-class people. Look at all the Republican states that have right-to-work laws, low minimum wage, low unemployment benefits. Just think about how Trump and his Republican enablers stole money from the "Cares Act" and gave it to big business. That money was supposed to help small businesses. We have millions of people who have lost their jobs, have no health care, many families have to depend on food banks just to survive. Trump and the Republicans don't give a damn about you. It is always wait until after the election, wait until next year, it's always wait until something. If the Republicans shove through Trump's Supreme Court pick, they will kill health care, women's rights, any rights of minorities, all rights for working-class Americans. They're drunk on power, and will keep it at all cost.

Let me give you a sample of what will happen if Trump is re-elected. First, he will have to give the 1% a big tax break, then he will have to bail out all the big corporations. What will working people get, lower wages, no benefits, because the poor corporations can't afford anything, they have sent all their money to some "Tax Haven." If we don't vote all these crooks out, you can forget about buying a house, sending your children to college, ever achieving the American Dream, no matter how many jobs you work.