Words of wisdom

| October 7, 2020 3:00 PM

Words of wisdom, truth and fact should always prevail over words of shallow, smooth and feel good opinion no matter how sweet the words sound doesn’t mean its true, for even the devil himself tempts with sugar coated pills of poison, sweet words of fantasy and omission, if you do not know who your enemy is, you will certainly fall in his snare, for he has many tricks up his sleeve just like any good magician.

Question everything, do not be lead by pied pipers just because the music sounds sweet, for they lead you to a pit full of despair and agony defeat.

The sweet words can truly be unkind, cunning and deceptive. So do your diligent homework this election.

Choose to either submit on blended knee or choose to make a STAND, For I will STAND alone if need be but ask you to take my hand.

Be wise, and always remember, it’s easier to believe a lie than it is to believe you have been lied too. If you do not do your homework this election season, you will surely get what you deserve.

Don’t give your Freedom and Liberty to fools who are a disgrace, who lick the boots of Stalins and wave flags of his embrace.

For communism and socialism is knocking on our door, they scream save the Earth and not the baby’s, the hypocrisy I abhor.

I do not give my power to a collective it’s my individual right! Stand!