On Saturdays, we wear pink

Staff Reporter | October 8, 2020 3:28 PM

WALLACE — The annual celebration of unity between Kellogg and Wallace High School’s Volleyball teams — Dig Pink Day — is Saturday afternoon.

Historically, Dig Pink is on a weekday evening, however, schedule changes and other unexpected issues resulted in the Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser being moved to a Saturday afternoon.

The 2020 event is going to be a little different from the last few years. With COVID-19 still keeping some restrictions in place, staples of Dig Pink, such as live hair cutting for donation, aren’t happening this year.

However, in an effort to make sure the event still has its desired effect and impact on the local community, the main fundraiser this year will be tied directly to another annual event celebrating breast cancer awareness.

“All of the money that we raise through donations during the event is going to be taken to the Tata’s Party at the Wallace Elks,” said Wallace Head Coach Katie Bauer. “The party is on Saturday as well, so we’re going to take the money over to them that night.”

With the pandemic still raging across the country, an event like this seems inconsequential to some, but for Kellogg Head Coach Steph Brunner, Dig Pink may be more important than anyone realizes.

“I believe Dig Pink is still important to our community even during these times because it gets the youth involved in something that is bigger than them,” Brunner said. “I hope it helps to bring them the realization that selflessness is a big part of life and giving back to organizations like this is very important. Almost all of us at one point in our life will find ourselves at the receiving end of generosity from other people due to unforeseen circumstances.”

All of the funds raised during Dig Pink always stay local and are used by the Shoshone Cancer Resource Center.

“I think it’s important for everyone to remember that this is a Kellogg and Wallace event, and it serves our wider communities,” Bauer said. “This isn’t just a ‘we’re Wallace, they’re Kellogg,' event.”

Wallace High School officials ask that people who attend wear as much pink as possible, while also adhering to social distancing guidelines. Attendees are asked to sit in family groups as much as possible and masks are recommended when those other guidelines are not possible.

Dig Pink Day will be held at Wallace Jr./Sr. High School on Saturday, Oct. 10, with the JV game beginning at noon and varsity action following immediately after.