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Wildcats win big in 'Snow Bowl'

Staff Reporter | October 26, 2020 12:23 PM

KELLOGG — “One for the ages.”

Kellogg High School Principal Curt-Randall Bayer couldn’t have said it better.

Teeters Field did their best Lambeau Field impression last week as the Kellogg Wildcats beat Bonners Ferry 32-14 in a game for the ages.

As the snow flew throughout the day, the likelihood of the game happening was questioned far and wide, but with the important implication of a potential State Playoff Qualifying Game on the line the visitors made their way to Kellogg.

Hundreds packed the grandstands at Teeters to view the spectacle, which also happened to be Homecoming for the Wildcats.

By the time the game kicked off, the field had roughly eight inches of snow on it, of course with the exception of the shoveled yard line markers to assist the officials.

The entire situation had a big-game-feel to it, and it showed.

Sophomore quarterback Riply Luna didn’t seem nearly as phased by the snow as everyone else passing for two touchdowns and ran for three more to lead his team to the big win.

Even the fastest players looked to be in slow motion running through the snow, and every tackle resulted in needing assistance to remove snow from helmets.

While the Badgers couldn’t seem to get anything going offensively, Kellogg had little problem moving the ball in the snow — both through the air and on the ground. And defensively they were near perfect throughout.

“We clicked on both sides of the ball,” said Kellogg Head Coach Dan Davidian. “We're improving with special teams coverage but we botched a kickoff return last night which we will fix. I’m so proud of this team for their efforts in this game. Offensively, we moved the ball consistently down the field and Riply Luna threw the ball extremely well in the wet snowy conditions. Our receivers were dialed in making critical catches. Defensively, with the exception of one busted coverage, we played lights out. Our front seven played extremely well and our secondary held their ground.”

The win was two-fold for the ‘Cats who rectified a 14-13 loss to the Badgers from six weeks ago, as well as punching a ticket to a qualifying game later this week against an undetermined opponent.

A true community effort, in-between downs volunteers ran shovels along the lines to keep the field recognizable, and the sidelines clear.

The novelty of the game will likely not be forgotten by anyone, including Bayer who was part of the shovel crew keeping the lines clear.

“During the game, one official said he has not seen a football game where there was that much effort to keep the game going safely and efficiently,” Bayer said. “Thanks to all of the people who made the game great. It was truly a northern Friday Night Lights success. I was proud of how people stepped up to make it truly a school and community event.”

Down the road in Wallace, the Miners celebrated a snowy senior night at Sather Field, but it was Lakeside who walked out with the 36-0 win over the Miners.

Much like Kellogg, it took a community effort to pull the game off.

“It was one for the history books,” said Wallace Jr./Sr. High Principal Chris Lund. “I am quite thankful for all the volunteers that came down to help clear the field. Kip McGillivray came down with his Bobcat and was able to clear the sidelines and the endzone lines which was a huge help. I think our seniors will talk about this game forever.”

For a full broadcast of the Kellogg/Bonners Ferry Game, visit the Kellogg Wildcats Live YouTube page.



Kellogg's Roman Bisaro chases down Bonners Ferry's Tiegan Banning during the first half of the Snow Bowl in Kellogg.



The victorious Wildcats walk off the field with a helmet salute to their opponents from Bonners Ferry.