Enjoy your hate

| September 21, 2020 3:35 PM

I have lived here for five years. I moved to the Silver Valley and bought a house that had been for sale six months and foreclosed on.

NOBODY wanted our house around here. I have had two children since moving here. THEY ARE IDAHO NATIVES.

You cannot attack children BORN here for their parents not being born in Idaho.

If you took all the people that moved here and pay taxes here away, what would be left of your valley? A bunch of abandoned houses that the meth users can take over?

The price of all those houses the locals are selling for enormous amounts would be worth nothing. Your children are moving out of this valley but I can't move here and raise my children?

I want the quiet of the valley, but you all treat us horrible.

Well I won't participate. The Valley will just get my tax money and nothing else. I won't even send my kids to your schools.

ENJOY your hate.