Saturday, September 25, 2021

Kellogg Police Department Roll Call: April 7-14

by SGT. PAUL TWIDT/Kellogg Police Department
| April 15, 2021 1:48 PM

• Landline regarding a child exchange. Cleared, civil.

• Checked on two vehicles up for tow 700 block S. Division. Cleared, vehicles have been moved.

• VIN inspection at the Kellogg Police Department x3.

• K75 and K74 was dispatched to the Cameron Conoco for a fight in progress. Come to find out it was a shoplifting call that turned into a scuffle of sorts. A young man was not yet 21 yet decided that he wanted some Joose (this stuff makes Steel Reserve look like top shelf stuff) and he knew he could not buy said Joose because of his age. So Mr. Sticky Fingers decided that it was a good idea to stuff some in his pants. The store clerk did not agree with this option and tried to stop Mr. Sticky Fingers and the scuffle was on. Mr. Sticky Fingers left with citations and trespass orders, but no Joose.

• Dispatched to verbal domestic 100 block W. Mullan that was actually more of a civil standby.

• Citizen Contact at the Kellogg Police Department regarding ongoing investigation. Cleared, gave statement form.

• Landline regarding an abandoned travel trailer 600 block S. Division. Cleared, public assist.

• Got to experience all four seasons in one shift.

• Traffic stop 50 on-ramp for stop sign, verbal.

• Traffic stop at the top of Hill Street for stop sign, verbal.

• Assisted Pinehurst with a burglary business alarm, was false alarm.

• Animal complaint 300 block Mission Avenue dogs barking late at night. Owners were away and unable to contact. Checked on residence later in the shift and the dogs had been brought inside.

• VIN inspection 100 block North. Cleared, public assist.

• Called to the Cameron Conoco for a male that had passed out and was laying next to his car. Driver claims he fell over the air hose and hit his head, but refused medical.

• Traffic stop Cameron Avenue. Verbal speed.

• Ran paperwork to PA.

• Radar patrol Cameron Avenue.

• Kellogg City Park patrol.

• Assisted D2 with a medical call 100 block N. Hill. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Landline regarding a possible petit theft, happened in Pinehurst. Clear, directed to Pinehurst PD.

• K75 was called to a hit and run vehicle crash on W. Idaho. K75 was able to track down Ms. Hit and Run and gave her the appropriate citations.

• Verbal domestic 700 block Bunker Avenue. Cleared, parties separated, report taken.

• Assisted county with an ATL on an Oregon plated vehicle acting suspicious possibly in Kellogg. Cleared, UTL.

• Landline and Citizen contact regarding possible CPO violation 100 block W. Mullan. Cleared, investigation ongoing.

• Attempt to locate wrong way driver on I-90 reported eastbound in the westbound lanes from milepost 48.

• Responded to the 100 block of W. Mullan Avenue for suspicious activity. Upon my arrival, I was unable to locate the individual in question.

• Assisted county with an unwanted subject on Main Street in Smelterville.

• Assisted county with a citizen contact at the Shoshone Medical Center. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Attempt to locate erratic driver/road rage/reckless driver on I-90. Bureau of Land Management (BLM Law Enforcement) and County stopped vehicle on the overpass on Bunker Avenue. Assisted with traffic control as the stop made it one lane both ways on a bridge. Vehicle was moved to conduct PC search. Agency assist.

• Dispatched to the 100 block of W. Market Avenue for a domestic battery. Conducted an investigation and discovered one party left the scene prior to my arrival. Charges will be submitted to the courthouse.

• Responded to the 200 block of Flume Street for a noise complaint. Verbal warning was given.

• Dispatched to a vehicle crash on the 100 block of W. Riverside Avenue. Conducted an investigation and discovered some criminal elements to the event. Driver was later cited for multiple misdemeanor charges.

• Extra patrol request around the visitor center. Reports of people squatting next to the building and I'm not talking about sleeping/living next to it.

• Dog at large 100 block Presley. RP caught the dog and K74 was unable to load the dog up. Dog had been in a fight and after getting description of the dog that ran, K74 believed he knew whom the owners were. Promptly located owner and took to the dog. Citation was issued for dog at large (fourth within two years).

• Assisted county with felony warrant service at Yoke's x2. 1st time was while K74 was wrestling with the dog at large and there was a struggle for the arrest. 2nd was very cooperative.

• Motorist assist 1,000 block McKinley Avenue, no assistance needed as they were off the side of the road hunting Pokémon. Yup that is still a thing.

• Runaway juvenile reported out from Spokane said to be in Kellogg. Assist K77 with looking for said juvenile, UTL.

• Assisted county with a traffic stop I-90 cover unit and transported one to the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office.

• Traffic complaint, possible DUI eastbound on E. Cameron passing Les Schwab. Out of position to intercept prior to vehicle leaving Kellogg. Unable to Locate.

• Dog issues and questions 300 block of Maple. Located dog owner and gave a verbal warning about keeping dog on a leash while walking … the issue was with the dog off leash coming into another yard and doing its business.

• Landline regarding questions about road rage/reckless driving. Incident occurred on the interstate several days ago, advised about Idaho laws. Public assist.

• Paper service in the 100 block of Mullan Avenue, papers served.

• Dispatched to the 200 block of W. Cameron Avenue for a traffic complaint. Located vehicle in question and discovered the vehicle had been egged while driving down the street. The driver was circling the block looking for the egg throwers. K77 checked the area but was unable to locate them.

• School Patrol Bunker Avenue.

• Stationary Radar at Bunker and Cameron avenues.

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