Saturday, September 25, 2021

Calling good evil and evil good

| August 5, 2021 12:21 PM

Hearsay, Hearsay was all I saw on the Jan. 6 dog and pony show. Show me the proof! Where is the 14,000 hours of video the Democrats won’t release, why won’t they release them? Why did Nancy Pelosi not let Kevin McCarthy put the Republicans he wanted in the hearing?

You know why, because they would ask real questions and demand real answers, unlike the quislings Nancy approved of. Why is it democracy to the left when American city’s burn and riot, some of which locked police officers in their precincts and set the buildings on fire (with video mind you), tear down statues they don’t like, burn American flags, looting en mass, hospitalizations of journalists, harassment and beatings and even murder of Americans, yet MSM says that was somehow peaceful protests and democracy.

Kamala Harris, Hollywood and Media promoted and gave funding to have those protesters released, the left passed no bond laws. Maybe the answers you're not satisfied with are because you ask the wrong questions. There are more than 525 political prisoners in Washington, D.C., who went to a rally (of someone you dislike) who are denied bond, many have not been charged with anything, denied hearings, denied to speak to their lawyers, denied visitation, denied health care and are being beaten.

The absolute disdain of democracy on full display, while the swamp of D.C. cries wolf and its herd wallows in the mud of totalitarianism and calls it democracy. Calling good evil and evil good.