Sunday, March 07, 2021

Fascism: The strong indications

| February 1, 2021 11:41 AM

A recent reader of the Spokane paper listed 15 indicators of fascism, and intimated that the past four years had some of those indications.

One indication was "a controlled mass media." This strikes me as the one we most certainly do not have in our country. The one thing that insulates us from fascism is our mass media that is "Free Press," and is not controlled in any way by the government.

In fact, the "uncivil war" is caused mostly by the fact that half of the citizens do think the "Free Press" is controlled by one party, and/or the government. Our media is completely free of governmental censorship, and is basically owned and operated by private capitalists for the benefit of reporting news, furnishing opportunities for all citizens, democrats, republicans, to seek the truth from professional, responsible, columnists, journalists,citizens-at-large.

The "conspiracy theory" of our immediate past president that the media is "fake news" is nothing but a "conspiracy fantasy," and most irresponsible and itself worthy of impeachment, let alone the out-and-out traitorship toward our democratic election process.

It is as simple as this:

If we could only get the other half of the country to have faith in the free press and actually see and hear news and opinions from the myriad of established media instead of only one or two irresponsible media and such unsupervised fantasy as found on the internet, our "uncivil war" would turn into some of the unity for which President Biden strives.