Sunday, March 07, 2021

Kellogg Police Department Roll Call: Feb. 10-17

by SGT. PAUL TWIDT/Kellogg Police Department
| February 18, 2021 1:47 PM

• Traffic stop at W. Riverside/Hill, verbal warning for distracted driving (location W. Riverside and Cedar). Note: If you plan on manipulating your cellphone while driving, sitting at a stop sign for an inordinate amount of time while looking directly down into your lap is not a great way to hide it…just sayin'.

• VIN inspection at Kellogg City Hall. Public assist.

• Handled a landline request regarding a parking violation. Investigation is on-going.

• Traffic stop in the 1000 block of McKinley, verbal given for obstructed windows.

• Suspicious vehicle in the 400 block of Bunker, having trouble parking next to the curb. Unfounded.

• Citizen contact at a residence in the emerald division about their car being left idle on the road at 3 a.m. Public assist.

• Traffic stop W. Cameron and Division, verbal for stop sign.

• Traffic stop I-90 westbound 50 on-ramp. Verbal for speed on Hill Street.

• Traffic stop 800 Bunker, verbal for expired registration and fail to display front license plate.

• Landline regarding wanted subject. Attempted warrant service 100 block E. Portland, subject not there (negative contact).

• VIN inspection at City Hall.

• Responded to a possible domestic. After a short investigation, K77 discovered no crime was taking place. Reporting Party said they heard screaming. However it was not the "Stop…No…Don't…" kind of screaming. It was a "No…Don't…Stop" kind of screaming. Cleared, unfounded.

• Assisted District 2 Fire with a fire alarm on the 600 block of Bunker Avenue.

• Called to a suspicious vehicle in the Conoco parking lot, was just a male sleeping as he was traveling and left his vehicle on cause the cold.

• School patrol.

• Stationary emphasis Bunker/Cameron.

• Traffic stop: 51 eastbound on-ramp, verbal for speed (from Hill Street).

• Suspicious person/vehicle 300 block S. Division, initial report was someone following school bus stops/children during bus pickup. Turns out this was a care giver going to a residence where the bus stops at the stopping time, unfounded. Parent/concerned party notified of findings.

• Motorist assist, located a vehicle broke down on W. Cameron and Oregon, contacted trucking company and vehicle is in the process of being repaired.

• Dispatched to the 200 block of W. Cameron Avenue to assist District 2 Fire for a medical call. The reason law enforcement was dispatched is because the dispatcher believed a possible domestic battery may be taking place as well from the background noise heard during the phone call. Turned out there was no domestic battery. One sibling was just upset that the other sibling refused to get medical attention when it was needed. Peace was restored and District 2 Fire did their thing.

• Assisted District 2 Fire with a smoke alarm on the 600 block of Bunker Avenue. Turned out that an individual did not like his steak medium rare and preferred it very well done.

• Dispatched to a traffic complaint on Station Avenue. Checked the area but was unable to locate suspected vehicle.

• Agency assist at Gondolier. Fish and Game had a warrant service and needed assistance with transport. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Assisted county with a domestic, Pinehurst. Cleared, Other agency assist.

• Suspicious persons 100 block W. Idaho. Cleared, unfounded.

• Assisted county with the same domestic round 2, Pinehurst. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Tagged vehicles for snow removal. Like a quite a few…

• Called to a parking complaint on Hill and Mission. Was unable to locate a black car that was blocking. Cleared, NAT.

• Assisted county with a welfare check/attempted warrant service, Pinehurst. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Dispatched to Shoshone Medical Center for a combative patient. Cleared, hospital staff had calmed the patient before K78 arrived, NAT.

• Dispatched to 10 block E. Cameron for a suspicious vehicle. Cleared, UTL.

• Called back to Shoshone Medical Center for same combative patient. Cleared, hospital staff had once again calmed patient prior to my arrival, NAT.

• K78 has been back from POST for awhile now but his .5 still has not brought us any homemade cookies. K78, we hired you for one reason and it wasn’t for your good looks.

• Checked on all the vehicles that were tagged for 48 by K75…looks like a majority of them are still there. Depending on the amount of snow, I will go by and remove the snow from the tags so hopefully the owners/operators can see them clearly…not sure how long they will remain visible with the snow.

• Traffic stop for fail to stop at posted sign. Citation issued for no insurance.

• Called to 400 block W. Riverside for unwanted persons. Cleared, persons escorted off property.

• Called again to 400 block W. Riverside for unwanted persons. Cleared, persons trespassed, report taken.

• Possible hit and run in the Kellogg Middle School parking lot during drop-off. After making contact with both parties, no crime involved. Unfounded.

• Public assist with legal questions 200 block W. Mission. Public assist, general questions about where to go and/or who to contact for information on violations regarding Probation and/or release from jail.

• VIN inspection at Kellogg City Hall.

• Landline request regarding questions about something another officer is looking into, attempted contact several times without success, follow-up left for investigating officer to look into. Subject later called back and I was able to answer some of their questions. Public assist.

• Shoveled snow.

• Responded to the 200 Block of W. Mullan Avenue for harassment. After investigating the matter, I discovered the issue was a civil matter.

• Supervised K77's snow shovel work.

• Assisted county with an unsecured building, lower page road. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Multiple VIN inspections at Kellogg City Hall.

• Checked on leftover snow removal vehicles. Nickerson's still not available (thanks big rigs for wrecking), also tagged more vehicles for snow removal.

• Worked on grants.

• Dog at large complaint 200 block E. Idaho, actually found the dogs near the intersection of Division and Station. Followed them back to the residence and contacted owner who confirmed they were his. Citation issued for ordinance violation (enhanced penalty as second offense within two years).

• Traffic stop Bunker and Hill, verbal warning for speed too fast for conditions (intersection of Hill and W. Cameron).

• Landline regarding fraud/scam phone calls, it's that time of year where people are receiving the phone calls from the "Federal Government" regarding their "Arrest Warrant." The one for the warrant must be sweeping through the valley, as SCSO had a couple people track them down to check and confirm they did not have a current warrant.

Be happy, be safe, told you snow happens.