Sunday, March 07, 2021

STOP SB 1110. Keep our rights to citizen initiatives

| February 18, 2021 2:00 PM

The ballot initiative is the constitutional right of every Idaho citizen. It’s a right that was enshrined in our state constitution more than a century ago to give ordinary citizens a voice in their government. Idahoans can bring forth legislation around common needs and not be tripped up by a party’s agenda in the Legislature. Sen. Steve Vick does not like that the citizens have found their voice and power in this old law, and his new bill attempts to revoke one of our most cherished constitutional rights.

I’m very concerned that Sen. Vick wants to squash the grassroots efforts of Idaho citizens by slashing our rights and keeping us at the mercy of his party’s agenda. He is just plain wrong to say that rural voters are not represented in the citizen initiative process. Reclaim Idaho’s Medicaid Expansion campaign won the majority of votes in nearly every rural county in Idaho. He wants to change the rules so much it will make it impossible for the work of the citizens to proceed.

I’m proud to be involved with Reclaim Idaho because I believe that ordinary citizens can do amazing things when we connect with our neighbors. I’m proud that we helped bring health care and funding to our state through Medicare Expansion. Sen. Vick’s legislation — SB 1110, the anti-initiative rights bill — must be stopped so Idaho citizens can keep our constitutional rights. Please call your state senator and warn them against voting for this bill.