Saturday, September 25, 2021

It is treason

| January 7, 2021 9:34 AM

Humankind seeks as much freedom as it may assume within the confines of the culture in which it exists. And when it is denied such freedoms through mismanagement of government they have the divine right to “alter” it either through ballots or bullets.

Here in America we have chosen the ballot box to make these changes, albeit of late, some misguided individuals have sought to strike fear into others with weapons of war. Nevertheless, this nation has spoken that it no longer wanted to experiment with Authoritarian rule by a crazed man that was too lazy to provide leadership at the onset of this horrible virus now running amok, calling it a “Democratic hoax.” Even now, while death takes 1 in every 900 of our countrymen and very soon 1 in every 500, he remains glib.

It is quite natural that people should want to have freedom of movement and “Freedom from Want.” That they ought to be secure in their health and possessions, which was clearly not happening under the occupier of the White House, so they made a change. What is not natural is for there to be such a contentious transfer of power. That this mirrors those lesser governments of the “shit hole countries” — to use his phrase — many of whom we shunned as lacking elected representative governments, is staggering.

To be clear this is not about conservatism nor democracy. It is about one man that puts people in chains and cages for yearning to be free. This is about a man that seeks to build a wall to keep people out but such walls also act to keep people in. This is about money and raw power. This is about his crazed following that cannot understand democracy is often messy and slow but that it still remains the best and fairest system humankind can construct. This is about this man’s base wanting to throw our system away for the sake of a man that will tell them what to think, and when to think it, because they are slothfully unwilling to put effort into their lives. This is about religious demigods that support him telling their sheep that God wants them to hate more than to love while they themselves fly in private jets.

The election is settled. It is settled in the courts. It is settled in all halls of statehouses. When I whiteness elected officials trying to overturn our election because they want Authoritarian rule, the only word we have in the English language to describe this attempt to overthrow our newly elected government — is treason.