Saturday, September 25, 2021

Liberalism today

| May 3, 2021 11:13 AM

Liberalism today. Banning books, Dr. Seuss the latest offender among many classics, banning movies, which is banning freedom of speech. Segregation by wealth, color of skin, religion, politics, so called entitled and victim. High taxes, the old Robin Hood syndrome, inflation and wars.

These are just a few, the truth is it’s about government control, divide and conquer, for when we are divided we are weak. One stick is easy to break but a bundle is strong. If you think taxing the rich only effects the rich, check again, the price at the pump effects the poorest, lumber prices have skyrocketed, it effects housing and construction workers and consumers.

Food prices will rise because of the cost to deliver it, companies will be moving to lower tax bracket country’s and taking the jobs with them. Higher costs to heat your home in the winter, all these things are to make you poor, the only ones it will benefit are corporate companies, the small businesses will be put out to pasture so you will have no other choice but to buy skyrocketed merchandise from the companies who make bank and distribute that money to destroy your Freedoms.

Liberalism today is nothing more than a twisted shell of the word to describe how you’ve been had, fooled, used, for the greater good. What is the greater good anyways, and for who, surely not for the serfs, as we know what happens, WE are all expendable in a serfdom world.