Monday, December 06, 2021

Kellogg Police Department Roll Call: Nov. 17-24

by SGT. PAUL TWIDT/Kellogg Police Department
| November 24, 2021 12:54 PM

• Dispatched to a fight in progress 100 block W. Idaho. Caller stated his neighbors were fist fighting in the yard. After a quick investigation, this was found to be untrue. Cleared unfounded.

• Assisted county with a felony warrant service in Kellogg. Cleared, unable to locate individual, other agency assist.

• Called down to Cameron Avenue for a dispute over power. Building is divided into two businesses with only one breaker box. The renter on the side without the breaker box has a welder that trips the breaker a lot. The person on the side with the breaker box is tired of always having to trip it back on and decided that they were going to leave it off for the night. Cleared, civil.

• School Patrol Bunker Avenue. Morning and lunch time.

• Civil standby 200 block E. Riverside. Cleared, public assist.

• Assisted K75 with a possible unwanted subject 100 block E. Idaho. Cleared, agency assist.

• Called back down to the Hatfield's and McCoy's on Cameron Avenue. This time, the McCoy’s were running their gas generator because the Hatfield's refused to trip the breaker back on to have power (yesterday's feud). Well unfortunately said generator was filling the building with fumes and the Hose Draggers had to be called to air out the building. Generator moved from the building and the Hose Draggers used their fancy fans to clear out the exhaust fumes. Until next time. Cleared, NAT.

• Dispatched to unwanted subject 300 block of W. Mullan. Cleared, one individual trespassed, NAT.

• Assisted county units with a suicidal female in Pinehurst.

• A possible unwanted subject 100 block E. Idaho. Cleared, NAT.

• Traffic stop at Main and McKinley, verbal.

• Traffic stop in the yokes parking lot, verbal for stop sign.

• Suspicious person in the 100 block of Mission. NAT, male was just standing outside of his house.

• Suspicious person walking with a backpack in the alleyway between maple and S Division. Everything was code 4.

• SKOL!! Down goes the Cheese Heads.

• Unwanted subject at 300 block E. Idaho, subject gone on arrival. Able to later locate said subject and plans were made for them NOT to return. All parties were advised and updated. Report taken for information.

• Release dogs from the pound (K76 forgot to add that 2 dogs were placed in the pound from the county earlier in the afternoon).

• Extra patrols conducted on Railroad Avenue in the 100 block, building secure.

• It looks like the Mission Turkey gang is back in full force, the nefarious activities of the organized-crime syndicate have Mission residences up in arms.

• Domestic call 300 block of E Idaho. Cleared, arrest.

• Traffic stop: Hill and I-90. Cleared, verbal, stop sign. He was in a hurry for his tinder date.

• County assist up Moon Gulch for a multi person fight with unknown injuries, cleared other agency assist.

• Reports of smoke in the area behind Longshot. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Assisted county with citizen contact in the 100 block W. Mullan, general questions with no enforcement action needed.

• Ran paperwork to SCSO to be placed in Court and Prosecutor box as there is a current in-custody, all other paperwork taken as well.

• Traffic stop at Utah and W. Brown, citation for Driver's License. Fail to have current and valid/No Proof of Insurance — written warning for headlight.

• Agency assist. Assist Fire and Avista with low hanging power line in the 100 block of W. Riverside (mostly on Hill Street at the alley between Riverside and Cameron). Avista was notified and dispatched a crew. The line was not on the ground and not causing a hazard other than to tall vehicles… Garbage truck would have had a fun day in the morning.

• Morning School Patrol Bunker Avenue.

• Follow up on abandoned four-wheeler paper work.

• School patrol. Well until I realized that there was no school today.

• Landline request about child custody. Was able to help them out. Cleared, NAT.

• Checked on items from Pro-print. They had the wrong email address. That is fixed and the items will be printed and sent out this week.

• I would like to wish K77 luck in his new career. K77 was a huge asset to KPD and will be missed. K77 was one of the best officers/people I have had a chance to work with in my 20 years. Luckily Caustic still gets to see him on Friday nights. Anywho, we have a job opening at the Kellogg Police Department.

• Suspicious circumstance at 400 block Bunker Avenue, this turned out to be a parking issue with a California plated vehicle possibly parked on sidewalk. Upon arrival the vehicle in question was exiting a private parking lot and did not violate any traffic laws in my presence. Unfounded.

• Traffic stop at 1000 block McKinley, verbal warning for speed 32/25 (computer was not up in order to give written warning.

• Traffic stop at 300 block W. Riverside, written warning for speed (reasonable and prudent — unable to get radar and maintain pacing speed, but well over 25) and fail to signal turn.

• Traffic stop at 200 block E. Cameron, written warning for speed 34/25.

• Parking issue at Division and W. Riverside, owner of vehicle came to vehicle prior to issuance of parking ticket. Verbal warning given for no parking allowed (yellow at curb).

• Landline request. Information only Bail Enforcement working in the area.

• Traffic stop at Hill and Legion, verbal warning for fail to obey traffic control device (improper turn from Railroad onto Hill Street).

• Disturbance at 500 block W. Riverside, subjects got into a fight after having issues with another driver on the road. Suspect is unknown and only description of vehicle is silver SUV. Statements given and report taken.

• Welfare check on the person staying in a tent behind the Longshot next to the river. Subject was code 4 and stated that he would be moving along today.

• Traffic stop on a truck in the middle of the road on Dimond Avenue. Truck had a dead battery and help was on the way. Cleared, NAT.

• Released a dog from the pound. Fees paid at the county.

• Traffic stop at Fir and E. Portland, citation for distracted driving (mobile device use) and insurance. Written warning for expired driver's license.

• Disturbance on 100 block W. Elder, subjects were contacted and everything was good, advised them to keep the noise down, verbal warning.

• Assisted county on traffic stop in Smelterville in front of O'Reilly's (initially vehicle continued and would not pull over, due to radios there were no status checks). Code 4 upon arrival and cleared.

• Dispatched to 911 hang up 500 block W. Mission. Cleared, all occupants code 4, accidental dial.

Be happy, be safe, be thankful.