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A Pinehurst Christmas

by CHELSEA NEWBY/Staff Reporter
| November 26, 2021 1:08 PM

PINEHURST — The time is drawing near, and the Pinehurst Christmas Festival committee has finalized plans for it’s first Christmas celebration. Though the festival has seemingly earned the stamp of approval from all of Pinehurst’s residents, Pinehurst Mayor Bob Jutila may be among those looking forward to it most.

Jutila said that when event coordinators Miranda Elam and Kattie Ross first presented the Pinehurst City Council with the idea, he was nervous to see how things would take shape. “I was excited and as nervous as could be at the same time. I thought, ‘those are some lofty goals. I don’t know how these ladies are going to do all of this.'”

After realizing that the women had already formed a committee of volunteers and had all the tools they would need to get started, Jutila was quick to offer his support. “Then you’re just excited, and the whole city council was very, very excited,” Jutila explained. We love Christmas here in Pinehurst, and we can’t wait to see it all.”

Jutila said that although Pinehurst has had a lighting ceremony every year, he doesn’t remember the town ever going this big. “Nothing to this level or extent,” he said. “At least not that I know of. I’ve lived here in Pinehurst 29 years now, and I’ve never seen something like this. This is awesome.”

Mayor Jutila said that he’s seen what Elam is capable of by observing her and her husband Nick run the successful burnout show during the town’s Pinehurst Days festival in August. “We couldn’t be more happy with how they ran the burnouts,” he said. “It’s just so rare in this day and age to have people come forward and want to get involved in the community, and do things for the good. It’s a huge blessing to the city.”

Elam echoed Mayor Jutila’s sentiment, saying “It’s been great. They’ve been really excited about the whole thing, and they were willing to help — they donated money toward our lights, they didn’t say no to any of our ideas and they’re happy that young people are becoming more involved.”

Both parties are looking forward to a successful weekend starting Dec. 10, “I’m expecting a huge turnout,” Jutila said. ”When we do Pinehurst Days, you just can’t believe how many people turn out, so I’m expecting this to be the same.”

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