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I am voting for Lynn Mogensen

| October 21, 2021 11:44 AM

I have known Lynn Mogensen since the fifth grade. From early on, she would always tell me that she was never going to leave Wallace. Lynn has been one of Wallace’s biggest fans throughout her entire life. Her love of the town and surrounding area is reflected in her lifestyle where hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, ATVing, skiing, snowshoeing, and even sledding is what fuels her heart. Lynn can be seen at class reunions in an old band uniform or wearing her dad’s Gyro convention jacket to Derby and Slippery Gulch events. You will find her in the woods before you see her on social media.

Long after our classmates left the area, Lynn could still be found cheering on our Wallace Miners (Wallace Booster of the Year, twice). Lynn has never shied away from hard work; she has managed trail crews, been a volunteer Search and Rescue member, routinely helped with Wallace Cemetery clean-up, Rotary duck retrieval, coaching youth sports, and too many other examples to list. Lynn is also there for her neighbors in times of need, especially when it comes to shoveling the long winters away.

Lynn loves Wallace and is determined that our small, charming town does not fall prey to the growing pains that has robbed so many other small towns of their uniqueness, we do not need to be Park City or Sun Valley where the rich have pushed out locals. She supports smart growth and local businesses. She can be trusted to stand up to nefarious intentions. Lynn sees the surrounding mountains as a tremendous asset. Descriptions of Wallace often read “a town nestled in the hills.” She feels strongly about preserving that sentiment.

Just like many of us, Lynn spent her youth at the Wallace Swimming Pool. It has been a priority to get it up and running again. Lynn went above and beyond her duties by being part of a small group of determined people (who include Dean Cooper) to secure $450,000 for the project. I think it is fair to say she has also raised the bar for future dunk tank appearances by collecting $1,755 in 20 minutes.

Lynn fights hard against undue tax burdens on the citizens of Wallace. She has maintained a balanced budget and knows how to protect taxpayers by securing state and federal funding for large projects. Lynn has the experience of more than 14 years of service that makes her qualified to carry on the business of the city.

I am voting for Lynn Mogensen because she protects taxpayers and holds the values of our traditions that have become our legacy.



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