Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Former Wallace Mayor endorses Branstetter

| October 25, 2021 1:15 PM

Please accept this letter as an endorsement for Heather Branstetter as mayor of Wallace. Today I read two letters to the editor supporting Mayor Mogensen. Chis Lillienkamp Bischoff's letter was very fair in her support for her longtime friend, Lynn Mogensen, but I felt like Mr. Coe's letter tried to tie Ms. Branstetter to people who may be perceived as unpopular or have interests that a lot of people feel are not good for the long-term future of Wallace. I am sure Mr. Coe is sincere in his thoughts and thank him for taking the time to write his letter, but it means more to me if people talk about the candidates and their positions on issues.

I have known Lynn Mogensen and Heather Branstetter for many years. Lynn was on the city council for the eight years that I was mayor of Wallace and I appointed Heather Branstetter to the city council during my last term as mayor. Both Lynn and Heather are well-qualified to serve as mayor of Wallace and I know each is sincere in wanting the best for what happens here in the future. The reality is that they probably agree on most issues of importance going forward. My reason for endorsing Heather as mayor of Wallace has much more to do with Heather than opposition to Mayor Mogensen. Heather is extremely bright as is shown by her successful educational career. She and Lynn are Wallace natives but it is my opinion that Heather is the better candidate for the future of Wallace. She thinks independently with consideration and deliberation and is not beholden to any individual or special interest group.

Both candidates would serve Wallace well, and I would encourage the citizens of Wallace to look at the qualifications of both and vote for whomever they deem is the best candidate.



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