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Dying for your cause and self as God

| September 6, 2021 11:02 AM

I am a scholar of politics and without a doubt people that refuse to take the vaccine have changed from a political group to one that is some form of evil religion. As such, I offer this short essay as proof. Among the four definitions of religion the one most glaring is: “the thing one is devoted to” and secondly a “ particular system of faith and worship”.

Clearly, people that refuse to take the vaccine are, as in the first definition, are most devoted to self. These are the same people assume they have rights which they do not possess in order to expand their hedonistic lives. They have conveniently forgotten that with rights comes responsibility and among those is not to kill your neighbors or children by your actions. Instead this is why in that group you will find people deny global warming and many of them upon receiving stimulus checks used them not to pay down house or rent payments but buy things with engines. This religion feeds on drama, immediate gratification and self- aggrandizement. Further, this is a religion of insecure people that are frightened their ways of life as head of the pack via social stratification are changing. As such, some but not, all are racists and homophobes screaming they do not want the history of slavery taught in our schools. Their lives require white washing and elevation.

This system of worship also requires validity through another God and in most cases this is referenced to Christianity —which of course it is not. But this notion gives comfort when individuals that are unwilling to proceed through life long for the social cast system of the 1950’s needing that mindset to believe in a God that is on their side even though the Bible clearly tells them, “not to put him to the test”. Even so, most of the anti-vax citizens couple with “Jesus” throughout the nation and more so strongly in myopic states like Idaho but most glaringly in the southern Bible Belt where the most ignorant live and are even now dying in droves.

Sadly, many of us can remember the fight to save this nation from polio, of standing in lines, of the trust and sacrifice that no longer exists. This is a nation full of narcissists now. The Christian concept of loving your neighbor and protecting the “herd” is gone. For many of those that dwell among us, community has been supplanted by the religion of self. We are unable to change these minds using reason because religion is an item of faith that is not usually penetrated by logic. Thus, this religion of self has taken hold and all we can do is watch them die and take innocents with them— they are an evil religion.

James Jonathan Ruggles, MA Political Science,


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