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It’s entirely subjective

| September 6, 2021 12:20 PM

At times I find comedy in the claims people make. Fred Scott recently did this making the mildly funny joke that I was a part of the GOP and that I have “solutions” to Covid. Unfortunately for Mr. Scott, neither is true. Not once did I mention a solution to Covid nor am I a member of the GOP. If he had been paying attention to my previously written articles on personal choice and individualism, he would know that I do not adhere to any political doctrine that champions force by law. To categorize myself, I’m closest to Libertarianism.

Mr. Scott stated that, whenever faced with a problem, a person can either be a part of the problem or a solution to a problem. This, for me, raises a very important question: Compared to what? Of all human diseases, Covid is less deadly than 49 of them with 20 of those being viruses. The lowest number I have seen for Covid survivability is 97.8%. No problem there.

There are so many other things I could think of that are probably way worse than a 97.8% survival rate. Being an infantryman, storming Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944? That doesn’t sound pleasant. I was a Marine Rifleman during the deadliest month (June) of the deadliest year (2010) in the deadliest province (Helmand) of the deadliest country (Afghanistan) in the entire world. That could be considered a problem. The Bubonic Plague that ravaged Europe and killed 25% of the population? We might come to an agreement on that one.

When it comes to ICUs filling up, I have no solution to that. I can only ask why. I say that because of the population of the area compared to the ICU capacity. I also say that because, realistically, how many people are in ICU that actually need to be? I can’t give that answer other than to say that, according to a web search, less than 2.5% actually need ICU treatment for Covid. If less than 2.5% need it and there is a lack of ICU space, I don’t believe Covid is the problem. It sounds like the lack of ICU space, probably overall hospital space, is potentially the problem.

My overall point is simple: What an individual sees as a problem is entirely subjective. I will point out that we have a huge vaccination campaign; people know about it; it’s not a secret. Those who are unvaccinated and are getting Covid made a personal and conscious decision. If I were to get Covid and die of it, I would do so knowing I made that decision. Nobody forced me to do what I didn’t want to do against my own free will. I have no problem with those who chose to vaccinate and wear a mask. I hope, for your sake, you made that decision on your own as I have. Nobody has the right, individually or otherwise, to forcibly protect me from myself.

David Carlile,


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