Thursday, October 21, 2021

Kellogg Police Department Roll Call: Sept. 15-22

by SGT. PAUL TWIDT/Kellogg Police Department
| September 23, 2021 1:59 PM

• “Just the facts Ma’am” edition.

• Landline request regarding questions with Gun registering and No contact orders. Cleared, public assist.

• Motorist assist outside the Kellogg Police Department. Cleared, public assist.

• Landline request regarding threats. Cleared, unfounded.

• Ran a couple coyotes out of town who were wondering around … looking for trouble, minus the anvil.

• Investigated a hit and run at the intersection of Oak and E. Riverside Avenue. Unknown truck driver took out the stop sign at the intersection.

• Called to the 400 block of W. Brown for a verbal domestic, however couldn't locate said domestic. NAT.

• Citizen Contact at the Kellogg Police Department regarding a possible petit-theft. Cleared, investigation ongoing.

• Assisted K77 with a commercial burglary alarm 800 block W. Cameron. Cleared, agency assist.

• Noise complaint 100 block E. Market. Cleared.

• Foot patrol Maple, E. Portland, E. Idaho, Elm, Thorn, W. Mission, W. Mullan, Cedar and Chestnut.

• Citizen contact 800 block W. Cameron for suspicious persons. Cleared.

• Dispatched to a burglary alarm on the 800 block of W. Cameron Avenue. Turned out to be a false alarm.

• Conducted foot patrol on Chestnut Avenue, Cedar Avenue, W. Mission Avenue, W. Mullan Avenue, E. Portland Avenue, E. Idaho Avenue, Maple Street, Thorn Street and Elm Street.

• Landline regarding the theft a bass guitar, unknown make/model or serial number.

• Landline regarding CPO violation, public assist.

• Called to Teeters Field for a tobacco violation. Public assist.

• Assisted K79 with a battery on the 100 block of E. Portland Avenue.

• Dispatched to reckless driver on the 100 block of E. Portland Avenue. Spoke with multiple parties involved. Investigation is on-going.

• Handled a parking complaint on the 100 block of E. Portland Avenue. Registered owner was located and vehicle was removed later on.

• Called to the 100 block of E. Portland for a battery not in progress. Cleared, report taken.

• Called to the Gondolier for a burglary alarm. Cleared, false alarm.

• Landline request regarding eviction, referred to other agency.

• Dispatched to Dog at large 200 block W. Mullan, it was the neighbor's dog. Cleared, unfounded.

• Dispatched to a battery not in progress on Elm and Station. Cleared, UTL.

• Dispatched to a Hit and Run 700 block McKinley Avenue. Cleared, report taken.

• Landline request regarding possible grooming. Clear follow up is needed.

• Assisted K78 with a vehicle crash on the 700 block of McKinley. Cleared, agency assists.

• Called to the 100 block of W. Idaho for a possible unlawful entry. Cleared, unfounded (Carl Wilbur).

• Traffic stop on the 49 westbound on-ramp for stop sign violation. Cleared, verbal.

• Assisted county with a motion alarm at SMC Family Medical in Smelterville. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Paper work received for stolen vehicle recovery in the county.

• Tagged two vehicles in the Angle wings parking lot. Mustang and a mom van.

• ATL on a possible missing person from MT. Subject was not in town. Last seen Thursday the 16th.

• Abandoned paper work.

• Assist Health and Welfare. Interview child. Pass on to K78 as shift change and problem locating mothers’ location.

• Assisted county with a verbal dispute in Big Creek. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Assisted county with a traffic stop in the parking lot of Domino's. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Vehicle maintenance. Changed rear brake light and load tested the battery.

• Citizen contact at the Kellogg Police Department regarding threats. Cleared, informational report taken.

• Landline regarding suspicious mail. Cleared, public assist.

• Dispatched to the intersection of W. Cameron Avenue and N. Hill Street for a 911 open line. Checked the area but was unable to locate the source or anyone in need of law enforcement assistance.

• Dispatched to the 10 block of Jacobs Gulch for a public assist. Arrived and discovered no assistance could be provided by K77.

Be happy, be safe, keep smiling.