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Legals for September, 24 2021

| September 24, 2021 12:00 AM

PUBLIC NOTICE The following application(s) have been filed to appropriate the public waters of the State of Idaho: 92-11120 B2 LAND LLC 444 E WALNUT ST GENESEE, ID 83832-8733 Point of Diversion NESW S5 T42N R02E SHOSHONE County Source ST MARIES RIVER Tributary ST MARIES RIVER Point of Diversion SESW S5 T42N R02E SHOSHONE County Source ST MARIES RIVER Tributary ST MARIES RIVER Use: IRRIGATION 04/01 to 10/31 0.03 CFS Use: STOCKWATER 01/01 to 12/31 0.02 CFS Total Diversion: 0.05 CFS Date Filed: 08-27-2021 Place Of Use: IRRIGATION,STOCKWATER T42N R02E S5 NESW,SESW Total Acres: 1 94-9661 CHRIS CARLSON JOHN THORTON PO BOX 33 CATALDO, ID 83810-0033 Point of Diversion SWNE S24 T50N R04E SHOSHONE County Source GROUND WATER Use: DOMESTIC 01/01 to 12/31 0.06 CFS Use: IRRIGATION 04/01 to 10/31 0.14 CFS Total Diversion: 0.2 CFS Date Filed: 09-08-2021 Place Of Use: DOMESTIC T50N R04E S24 SWNE,SENW Place Of Use: IRRIGATION T50N R04E S24 SWNE,SENW,NWSE Total Acres: 5 Permits will be subject to all prior water rights. For additional information concerning the property location, contact the Northern office at (208)762-2800; or for a full description of the right(s), please see Protests may be submitted based on the criteria of Idaho Code § 42-203A. Any protest against the approval of this application must be filed with the Director, Dept. of Water Resources, Northern Region, 7600 N MINERAL DR STE 100, COEUR D ALENE ID 83815-7763 together with a protest fee of $25.00 for each application on or before 10/4/2021. The protestant must also send a copy of the protest to the applicant. GARY SPACKMAN, Director SHO LEGAL 3963 AD#484836 SEPTEMBER 17, 24, 2021

N O T I C E O F L E T T I N G Idaho Federal Aid Project No. A020(244) & A019(948), in Shoshone County, Key No. 20244 & 19948; for the work of replacing the I-90 bridges at Division St (MP 50.5) and Elizabeth Park Rd (MP 52) as well as modifying the eastbound on-ramp at Division St. Sealed proposals will be received only at the office of the IDAHO TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT, 3311 WEST STATE STREET, BOISE, IDAHO 83703, ATTN: ADVERTISEMENT AND AWARD. Bids may also be submitted electronically through Bid Express ( All bids must be received by two o'clock p.m., on October 19, 2021. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT: RESIDENT ENGINEER JUSTIN WUEST at (208) 772-1253 for any design related questions. Digital copies of the Plans, Proposals, and Specifications must be downloaded for a fee of $15.00. Bidders must appear on the plan holders list for their proposal to be accepted by the Department. Please contact at 952-233-1632 or for assistance in downloading and working with this digital project information. General Bidding information and Specifications may be obtained from the Idaho Transportation Department website at In an effort to achieve ITD's DBE Annual Participation Goal (APG) of 8.3% utilization, ITD requires responder to utilize certified subcontractors and suppliers listed on its DBE Directory located at: For this project, it has been determined that there is a DBE availability of 4.0% or more. For more information regarding ITD's DBE Program please go to This contract requires full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protects persons from being denied the benefits of or excluded from participation in programs or activities; or subjected to discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, Limited English Proficiency or economic status. The Contractor is encouraged to utilize the goods and services of disadvantaged firms in accomplishing the tasks or providing the services of this agreement, and to provide equal opportunity to all sub-bidders and suppliers. SHO LEGAL3967 AD#485348 SEPTEMBER 24, 2021 OCTOBER 1, 2021

NOTICE OF HEARING ON NAME CHANGE (Adult or Emancipated Minor) IN THE DISTRICT COURT FOR THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT FOR THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SHOSHONE IN RE:Samantha Nichole Hoffman CASE NO. CV40-21-0469 A Petition to change the name of Samantha Nichole Hoffman, now residing in the City of Kellogg, State of Idaho, has been filed in the District Court in Shoshone County, Idaho. The name will change to Samantha Nichole Woody. The reason for the change in name is: Divorced and requesting maiden name back. A hearing on the petition is scheduled for 9:00 o'clock a.m. on November 15, 2021 at the Shoshone County Courthouse. Objections may be filed by any person who can show the court a good reason against the name change. Date: July 22, 2021 CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT By /s/ Jennifer Wilerson Deputy Clerk SHO LEGAL 3960 AD#484814 SEPTEMBER 17, 24, OCTOBER 1, 8, 2021

NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T.S. No.087162-ID Parcel No.: RP48N04E215560A On 1/5/2022 at 10:00 AM (recognized local time), at the SHOSHONE COUNTY COURTHOUSE, 700 BANK ST., WALLACE, ID 83873, in the County of Shoshone, SYDNEY K. LEAVITT, ESQ., a member of the State Bar of Idaho, of ALDRIDGE PITE, LLP as trustee, will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in lawful money of the United States, all payable at the time of sale, the following described real property, situated in the County ofShoshone, State of Idaho, and described as follows, to wit:THE SURFACE ONLY OF A TRACT OF GROUND LYING IN THE SOUTHWEST QUARTER OF SECTION 21, TOWNSHIP 48 NORTH, RANGE 4 EAST, BOISE MERIDIAN, SHOSHONE COUNTY, IDAHO, AND BEING MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS:BEGINNING AT CORNER NO. 1 OF SAID TRACT FROM WHENCE THE 1/4 CORNER BETWEEN SECTION 20 AND 21, TOWNSHIP 48 NORTH, RANGE 4 EAST, BOISE MERIDIAN BEARS WEST A DISTANCE OF 322.00 FEET; THENCE EAST A DISTANCE OF 119.50 FEET TO CORNER NO. 2, A CONCRETE MONUMENT; THENCE SOUTH 29°47'13"EAST, A DISTANCE OF 314.55 FEET TO CORNER NO. 3, A STONE MONUMENT; THENCE SOUTH 59°23'00"WEST, A DISTANCE OF 290.00 FEET TO CORNER NO. 4, A STONE MONUMENT; THENCE NORTH 75°05'00"WEST, A DISTANCE OF 78.50 FEET TO CORNER NO. 5, A CONCRETE MONUMENT; THENCE NORTH 34°42'25"WEST, A DISTANCE OF 12.35 FEET TO CORNER NO. 6, A CONCRETE MONUMENT; THENCE NORTH 40°37'00"WEST, A DISTANCE OF 72.50 FEET TO CORNER NO. 7, A CONCRETE MONUMENT; THENCE NORTH 6°45'23"EAST, A DISTANCE OF 70.00 FEET TO CORNER NO. 8; THENCE NORTH 22°20'42"EAST, A DISTANCE OF 197.01 FEET TO CORNER NO. 9; THENCE NORTH 13°56'55"EAST, A DISTANCE OF 86.09 FEET TO CORNER NO. 1, BEING THE TRUE PLACE OF BEGINNING. RESERVING A 15 FOOT STRIP ON THE WESTERLY SIDE OF SAID TRACT FOR A ROADWAY EASEMENT TO THE NORTH BOUNDARY LINE OF THE ADJOINING PROPERTY.The Trustee has no knowledge of a more particular description of the above referenced real property, but for purposes of compliance with Idaho Code Section 60-113, the Trustee has been informed that the address of: 510 STROPE ST, SILVERTON, ID 83867, is commonly associated with said real property.Said sale will be made without covenant or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession or encumbrances to satisfy the obligation secured by and pursuant to the power of sale conferred in the Deed of Trust executed by LACY WILLOWS, A SINGLE PERSON, as Grantor(s), to PIONEER TITLE CO., as Trustee, for the benefit and security ofWELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., as Beneficiary, dated 12/22/2006, recorded 12/28/2006, as Instrument No. 435259, Re-Recorded on 1/10/2007, as Instrument No. 435488,, official records ofShoshone County, Idaho. Please note: The above named Grantors are named to comply with Idaho Code Section 45-1506(4)(a); no representation is made that they are, or are not, presently responsible for the obligation.The default for which this sale is to be made is the failure to pay the principal balance and any outstanding fees, costs, and interest which became all due and payable based upon the move-out by all mortgagors from the property, ceasing to use the property as the principal residence.The sum owing on the obligation secured by said Deed of Trust as of 8/25/2021 is $188,955.45 including interest, costs, fees, including trustee and/or attorney fees and costs, and expenses actually incurred in enforcing the obligation thereunder or in this sale and to protect the security associated with the Deed of Trust, as authorized in the Note, Deed of Trust or as allowed under Idaho Law.Because interest, late charges, fees, costs and expenses continue to accrue, the total amount due varies from day to day.Hence, if you pay the amount shown above, an adjustment may be necessary after receipt of funds to satisfy the debt. For further information, write the Trustee at 4375 Jutland Drive, Ste. 200, San Diego, CA 92117, or call (866)931-0036DATED: 8/25/2021SYDNEY K. LEAVITT, ESQ., a member of the State Bar of Idaho, of ALDRIDGE PITE, LLP SHO LEGAL 3961 AD#484721 SEPTEMBER 17, 24, OCTOBER 1, 8, 2021