Monday, November 29, 2021

Kellogg Police Department Roll Call: Sept. 22-29

by Sgt. Paul Twidt
| September 30, 2021 11:18 AM

•Dispatched to the 400 block of W. Brown Ave. for an unwanted subject. After arrival, individual left the property peacefully.

•Responded to the 10 block of Jacob's Gulch for an unruly patient. Peace was restored upon K77’s arrival.

•Checked on abandoned vehicle tagged in the Angel Wings parking lot. Vehicle had been removed.

•Follow up on a welfare check case. Subject was located in Montana.

•Called to a missing scooter in the Kellogg city park. Public assist.

•Landline request regarding skateboarding. Public assist.

•Traffic complaint in the 300 block of S Division, UTL.

•Citizen contact regarding the above traffic complaint. Public assist.

•Responded to the 100 block of W. Idaho Ave. for suspicious activity. Cleared unfounded.

•Dispatched to a disturbance on the 500 block of S. Division St. Bachelor party at an Air B&B was being too loud while celebrating their friend's death ... Sorry, I mean marriage. Verbal warning was given.

•Assisted D2 Hose Draggers at Yokes.

•Responded the to the 200 block of W. Cameron Ave. for a 911 hang-up call. Checked the area but was unable to locate anyone in need of law enforcement assistance.

•Dispatched to a traffic complaint on W. Brown Ave. Checked the area but was unable to locate.

•Animal complaint on the 100 block of W. Riverside. Clear, negative contact with the owner.

•Parking complaint on E Riverside. Reported that a motorhome was blocking the street. Upon his arrival, K73 was unable to locate a motorhome blocking the street. Cleared UTL.

•Did the Seahawks play this weekend? SKOL.

•Assisted medical on the 300 block of McKinley for an individual that fell and was bleeding. A person that might have had some ardent spirts at a local watering hole tried to ride an electric long board fell and hit his head on the concrete. Cleared assist.

•Catch-up on pretty much everything, roughly 100 emails to go through as well as trying to log-in to certain programs (not working) in order to do reports, etc. Fun times.

•Parking complaint at 200 block Gold. Reported that vehicle is being used for storage as well as numerous vehicles parked in front of residence all the time. One vehicle expired, will be tagging for 48-hour removal if unable to contact owner of vehicle (owner is known, negative contact today).

•Extra patrols requested in the 100 block McKinley.

•A person called to let us know someone pulled flowers out of the cement planter and threw them on the sidewalk at two different locations. This took place last night and they are requesting extra patrols in the area.

•Picked up a brown Pitt Bull on Market and Maple. Placed in pound.

•New hire work (setting up SWET and ARTS information - issuing equipment, paperwork, etc.).

•Welfare check at 200 block W. Elder, subject was not home. While attempting to locate, the original RP called in and stated subject was good.

•Received a new shipment of equipment, will be spending the rest of the week completing inventory on the new items.

•Released Pit Bull from pound that was picked up the day before. Fines paid.

•Vin inspection @KPD.

•Landline request for a civil standby. Was unable to contact the other half of the request. Issue was resolved without a standby.

•Animal complaint. Dog at large in the 900 block W. Cameron at the Ridgeview Apartment/Condos. After checking all apartment/condos in Kellogg (Idaho), found the call came from Kellogg IOWA. Unable to locate.

•Traffic stop at W. Cameron/Bunker. Written warning for stop sign.

•Range/qualification for the new K75, good to go.

•VIN inspection 200 block W. Cameron. Public assist.

•Landline with Health and Welfare regarding possible child abuse/sex crime investigations. They are currently ongoing and referred to investigating officers (looking for updated information regarding multiple cases).

•Landline regarding possible injury to child. RP from out of state did not have location (residence) of where this is occurring. After doing some digging, believe the parties live out of the City of Kellogg, referred to Shoshone County for follow-up.

•Unwanted person at the Amy Lynn's. Subject left before units arrived.

•Unwanted person at SMC. Mr. Au Naturel had returned and was no longer welcome. Mr. Au Naturel was taken in to custody for...well...being au naturel.

Safe to say Fall is here, be happy, be safe