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Legals for June, 3 2022

| June 3, 2022 12:00 AM

N O T I C E O F L E T T I N G Idaho Project in Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, Kootenai & Shoshone Counties, Proposal No A200152; for the work of On-call illumination and traffic signal repairs and/or replacement. Sealed Proposals will be received only at the office of the IDAHO TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT, 3311 WEST STATE STREET, BOISE, IDAHO 83703, ATTN: ADVERTISEMENT & AWARD until two o'clock p.m. on June 14, 2022. For additional information contact the Contract Administrator: Name: Lee Bernardi Phone: (208) 772-8070 Email: Digital copies of the Plans, Proposals, and Specifications must be downloaded for a fee of $15.00. Bidders must appear on the plan holders list for their proposal to be accepted by the Department. Please contact at 952-233-1632 or for assistance in downloading and working with this digital project information. General Bidding information and Specifications may be obtained from the Idaho Transportation Department website at This contract requires full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protects persons from being denied the benefits of or excluded from participation in programs or activities; or subjected to discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, Limited English Proficiency or economic status. The Bidder is encouraged to utilize the goods and services of disadvantaged firms in accomplishing the tasks or providing the services of this agreement, and to provide equal opportunity to all sub-bidders and suppliers. SHO LEGAL 4133 AD#536548 MAY 27, JUNE 3, 2022

SUMMONS By Publication TO:Steven Thomas Stewart You have been sued by Jessica McMurray, plaintiff, in the District Court in and for Shoshone County, Idaho Case No. CV40-22-0222 The nature of the claim against you is for a civil suite for $18,688.06. Any time after 21 days following the last publication of this Summons, the court may enter a judgment against you without further notice, unless prior to that time you have filed a written response in the propery form, including the case number, and paid any required filing fee to the Clerk of the Court at 700 Bank St, Ste 300, Wallace, ID 83873 (208) 752-1266 and served a copy of your response on the other party, whose mailing address and telephone number are: A Copy of the Summons and Complaint/Motion can be obtained by contacting either the Clerk of the Court or the other party. If you wish legal assistance, you should immediately retain an attorney to advise you in this matter. Date: May 20, 2022 Shoshone County District Court By: /s/ Karen Harshman SHO LEGAL 4131 AD#536526 MAY 27, JUNE 3, 10, 17, 2022

NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That a meeting of the Board of Trustees of Joint School District #391 will be held on June 14, 2022 at 7:00 p.m., in the conference room of the District Office, at which meeting there shall be a public hearing on the School District #391 budget for the 2022/2023 school year. The budget as presently determined by the Board of Trustees is now available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent of Schools and will remain available until the special meeting and hearing as provided by law. This special school meeting and budget hearing is called pursuant to Section 33-801 Idaho Code as amended. Dated this 31st day of May 2022. Danielle Estill, Business Manager SUMMARY STATEMENT - 2022/2023 SCHOOL BUDGET ALL FUNDS JOINT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 391 GENERAL M & O FUND ALL OTHER FUNDS Prior Year Prior Year Prior Year Proposed Prior Year Prior Year Prior Year Proposed REVENUES Actual Actual Budget Budget Actual Actual Budget Budget 2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 Beginning Balance 871,895 1,394,499 1,394,498 1,530,655 1,501,299 3,326,858 3,826,667 3,616,489 Local Tax Revenue 2,680,000 2,979,008 3,096,054 2,988,400 871,775 901,668 551,306 961,469 Other Local 286,582 291,223 100,080 116,400 234,255 190,335 0 17,531 State Revenue 7,151,062 6,786,549 7,083,555 7,934,863 287,045 281,875 204,775 199,894 Federal Revenue 0 183,537 0 0 1,815,994 2,663,747 1,477,472 2,621,336 Other Sources 12,613 14,033 3,443 10,030 161,385 190,064 250,475 137,194 Totals 11,002,152 11,648,849 11,677,630 12,580,348 4,871,753 7,554,547 6,310,695 7,553,913 Prior Year Prior Year Prior Year Proposed Prior Year Prior Year Prior Year Proposed EXPENDITURES Actual Actual Budget Budget Actual Actual Budget Budget 2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 Salaries 6,047,450 5,880,824 6,558,575 6,807,801 667,102 1,212,029 1,038,651 1,072,158 Benefits 2,558,624 2,434,096 1,564,876 2,316,016 370,771 493,166 399,807 482,427 Purchased Services 1,036,829 746,705 1,077,176 1,048,927 356,974 206,696 365,440 340,646 Supplies & Materials 630,138 554,321 1,238,034 1,138,034 277,593 772,450 412,039 652,024 Capital Outlay 197,466 636,467 22,250 75,000 335,243 197,836 144,434 308,119 Debt Retirement 0 0 0 0 8,292,764 1,042,295 968,850 1,037,980 Insurance & Judgments 86,744 92,869 96,296 102,074 617 739 0 783 Transfers 161,385 190,064 250,475 220,270 2,306 10,534 3,443 10,030 Contingency Reserve 500,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Unappropriated Balances -216,484 1,113,503 869,948 872,226 2,348,916 3,618,802 2,978,031 3,649,746 Totals 11,002,152 11,648,849 11,677,630 12,580,348 12,652,286 7,554,547 6,310,695 7,553,913 A copy of the School District Budget is available for public inspection in the District's Administrative Office. SHO LEGAL 4136 AD#538795 JUNE 3, 2022

INVITATION TO BID NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS: sealed bid proposals will be received - BY: CITY OF OSBURN FOR: OSBURN CITY HALL RE-ROOF AS FOLLOWS: 1. General Construction Prime Bids for this project shall be received: BIDS shall be due TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2022 at 10:00 AM at the CITY OF OSBURN, 921 E MULLAN AVENUE, OSBURN, IDAHO. PRE-BID CONFERENCE shall be TUESDAY, June 7, 2022 at 10:00 AM at OSBURN CITY HALL, 921 E MULLAN AVENUE, OSBURN IDAHO. 2. Bids shall be publicly opened and read aloud at the above scheduled time of receipt. 3. Bidders and citizens of CITY OF OSBURN are invited to attend. 4. Plans and specifications, bid forms, forms of agreement, etc., may be obtained by general contractors, sub-bidders, and suppliers at Complete bidding documents for this project are available in electronic form only. Architect will not be sending out hard copies. To be added to the official plan holders list and insure notification of addenda, bidders must register by downloading the documents (at no charge) or by purchasing hard copy documents (at bidders expense) from the plan room noted above. Bid forms, bidder's instructions, drawings and specifications may be examined at the following locations: www.logwelltrappplanroom. com Abadan Plan Room, Spokane WA Associated Builders and Contractors, Spokane WA 5. Architect and Owner will not be responsible for partial sets of documents obtained from reprographics companies or plan centers. Any and all errors or omissions resulting from the failure of the General Contractor, Subcontractor or material supplier to become familiar with the documents in their entirety will be corrected at the Contractor's expense. 6. Questions concerning the bid documents may be directed to LONGWELL + TRAPP ARCHITECTS 8677 N. Wayne Drive, Suite A; Hayden, Idaho 83835. Phone: 208.772.0503, Project Architect: Cory Trapp, AIA, CSI. 7. Idaho law requires that all bidders have an Idaho Public Works Contractor's License, as provided for by the Public Works Contractors License Act. 8. Bids must be made upon the form furnished, must be accompanied by a bid bond or other surety in the amount of 5% of the total bid amount, and cannot be withdrawn after the above stated times of opening. The bid price must be honored by the bidder for at least 30 days after the bid opening. 9. The CITY OF OSBURN reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive any informalities and to award the bid to the responsive bidder that the City deems is in the best interest of the City. In the event the City elects to award the bid to other than the lowest responsive bidder, the City will declare their reasons on the record and communicate those reasons in writing to all person having submitted a competing bid. If there are two or more identical responsive bids from which the City elects to make the selection, the City shall have the discretion to award the bid in any manner deemed fair and equitable and in the best interest of the City. SHO LEGAL 4132 AD#536531 MAY 27, JUNE 3, 2022

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