Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Shoshone County District #2 Commissioner Primary Candidate: David R. Dose (R)

| May 5, 2022 4:11 PM

David R. Dose is running for the position of Shoshone County Commissioner for District #2 and if elected, his overarching goal is to help preserve the traditional lifestyle of North Idaho through better planning and balancing the challenges that come along with new growth, such as increasing summer visitors and new families moving in.

“We need to wisely share and conserve the very things we value the most here, for our generation and those to come.”

Dose, 60, is running against Dawn Hauff in the Republican primary.

A native of Shoshone County, his immediate family includes his wife, Kereen Dose, five children and seven grandchildren.

He graduated from Kellogg High School in 1980, then later earned a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education and Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education at the University of Idaho.

In addition to serving as a Shoshone County Commissioner from 1991 to 1993, Dose believes his previous experience as former school teacher in Kellogg, a former administrator at NIC, a former survival instructor for DoD, a former Pinehurst Reserve Police Officer, and having started and operated two small/medium businesses in the county in recent years qualifies him for this role.

“When I served as a commissioner previously, we were able to cut taxes for the first time in years,” he explained. “We cut our own salaries, we started construction for the transfer station, developed the Shoshone county boat ramp at Cataldo, navigated the bankruptcy of the former Bunker Hill and still collected back taxes, and helped Shoshone County survive, adjust to, and overcome the severe changes our formerly mining and logging economy.”

If elected, Dose hopes to address the major issue of limited affordable housing and the rising costs of staying in your home.

“We need alternative sources of county revenue to justify property taxes and we need to plan better so that the current property taxpayers are not unfairly burdened with all the infrastructure needed to support the growth we are seeing.”

Dose also wishes to do more when it comes to retaining talented individuals in all areas of the county government.

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