Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Shoshone County Treasurer: Karey Eddy (D)

| May 5, 2022 2:07 PM

Karey A. Eddy is seeking election to the position of Shoshone County Treasurer.

Eddy, 47, is running unopposed for the position in the upcoming Democratic Primary.

A Mullan High School graduate, Eddy has had 18 years of experience and on the job training specifically in the Shoshone County Treasurer’s Office. She has also had the following training/education: Idaho Association of Counties (IAC); Idaho Association of County Treasurers (IACT); Idaho County Risk Management Program (ICRMP); government finance and compliance with the AS400 Idaho State Tax System; the Computer Arts (CAI) treasurers’ financial system. Current relevant on-going education in budgeting, taxation, and a variety of Idaho Code driven courses are planned for the future.

Eddy is a fourth generation Idaho native who was born in Shoshone county, raised in Mullan and currently lives in Osburn with her husband Willie. They have a perfectly blended family that includes three sons and one grand-daughter.

Eddy has been employed by the Shoshone County Treasurer’s office for 18 years and since 2016 served as Chief Deputy Treasurer which includes taking on full responsibilities of the treasurer in her absence.

This past experience will enable her to create a seamless transition from the current treasurer.

Her top priorities of the treasurer’s office would be to continue the following: the professional, knowledgeable and friendly customer service; the excellent record of accuracy in the Treasurer’s office with all outside audits; the investment of the county’s monies for the best yield on interest along with maintaining liquidity and safety; maintaining and reconciling of 31 different bank accounts along with balancing with the Clerk’s General Ledger funds.

According to Eddy, the office is strictly run following the Idaho Code, and continuing to stay compliant with the code is most important.

This includes accuracy, transparency, good communication, staying within a budget, implementing cost saving ideas for the good of the County, good relationships with co-workers, elected officials and the public.

“I love my job, and I’m looking forward to a long future of serving the residents of Shoshone County,” Eddy told the News-Press.

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