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Legals for May, 24 2022

| May 24, 2022 12:00 AM

SUMMARY OF ORDINANCE 2022-01 ORDINANCE 2022-01, PLANNING AND ZONING SUMMARY: The City of Wallace adopted Ordinance 2022-01 on May 11, 2022, relating to planning and zoning for land use and development in the incorporated area of Wallace and amending Wallace City Code Title 13, Chapter 6 to remove Holding District (H) as a zone. This ordinance provides for the rezone of areas presently identified on the zoning map as Holding District; provides that the prior zoning map be updated by the city engineer to assign areas previously identified as Holding District consistent with this ordinance; provides for repeal of any prior conflicting ordinance provisions; provides for severability; and sets an effective date upon publication of this summary. CITY ATTORNEY REVIEW: The undersigned, City of Wallace legal counsel, having reviewed Ordinance 2022-01 and the summary for the same, believes the summary is true and complete and that it provides adequate notice to the public of the identity, principal provisions, and effective date of the ordinance. The full text of Ordinance 2022-01 is available for review at Wallace City Hall, 703 Cedar St., Wallace, Idaho, during regular business hours and on the City of Wallace website. This summary shall be filed with the adopted ordinance. /S/ Britney Jacobs, Silver Valley Law Attorney for the City of Wallace Date May 17, 2022 SHO LEGAL #4128 AD#535477 MAY 24, 2022

WALLACE P/Z HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION 703 Cedar St. Wallace, ID 83873 June 1, 2022 - 6:00 PM Agenda Action Items Application for Certificate of Appropriateness submitted by Bernie Waldbillig at 10 High Street for the removal of tree SE corner of property. (ACTION ITEM) Application for Certificate of Appropriateness submitted by Thomas Latham at 408 High Bank Street for reactivation of previously approved Demolition Permit. (ACTION ITEM) Application for Site Disturbance Permit submitted by Kevin Bausch for the placement of Eco Blocks to repair and replace deteriorating retaining wall located at 816 Maple Street. (ACTION ITEM) Certificate of Appropriateness application submitted by Richard Caron for replacement of house footings and adding siding. (ACTION ITEM) Review and adopt new Certificate of Appropriateness application form (ACTION ITEM) Request for accommodation of special needs to participate in the meeting should be addressed to the office of the City Clerk five days prior to meeting 752-1147. SHO LEGAL 4129 AD#535600 MAY 24, 2022

NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SHOSHONE IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF: CLYDE C. BAILEY, Deceased. Case No.: CV40-22-0189 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed Personal Representative of the above-named decedent. All persons having claims against the decedent, or decedent's estate are required to present their claims within FOUR (4) months after the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. Claims must be presented to the undersigned at the address indicated and filed with the Clerk of the Court. /S/ James A. Raeon Attorney for Personal Representative James A. Raeon 1424 Sherman Avenue Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 SHO LEGAL 4121 AD#533743 MAY 17, 24, 31, 2022

NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE TS No: ID-22-900380-BB NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on 9/28/2022, at the hour of 2:00 PM, In the Lobby of the Shoshone County Courthouse, located at 700 Bank Street, Wallace, ID 83873, the trustee will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash in lawful money of the United States of America, all payable at the time of sale, the following described real property situated in the County of SHOSHONE, State of Idaho, and described as follows, to-wit: SITUATED IN SHOSHONE COUNTY, STATE OF IDAHO AND MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: A PARCEL OF LAND AND DWELLING NUMBER 108 AS MARKED ON THE PLOT OF PAGE CAMP IN THE SOUTHEAST 1/4 OF SECTION 4, TOWNSHIP 48 NORTH, RANGE 2 EAST, B.M., AT PAGE SHOSHONE COUNTY, STATE OF IDAHO AND MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: FROM THE EAST 1/4 CORNER OF SECTION 4, TOWNSHIP 48 NORTH, RANGE 2 EAST, B.M. GO SOUTH 9 DEG. 28'14" WEST 2,168.65 FEET TO AN IRON PIN, THE POINT OF BEGINNING; THENCE SOUTH 35 DEG. 35'30" EAST, A DISTANCE OF 59.61 FEET TO THE CORNER NO. 2, AN IRON PIN; THENCE SOUTH 60 DEG. 23'10" WEST, A DISTANCE OF 107.28 FEET TO CORNER NO. 3; THENCE NORTH 85 DEG. 49'40" WEST, A DISTANCE OF 34.13 FEET TO CORNER NO.4; THENCE NORTH 36 DEG. 34'30" WEST, 47.70 FEET TO CORNER NO. 5; THENCE NORTH 63 DEG. 22'00" EAST, A DISTANCE OF 135.41 FEET TO CORNER NO. 1, AN IRON PIN NAD THE POINT OF BEGINNING. ALL LYING IN THE SOUTHEAST 1/4 OF THE SOUTHEAST 1/4 OF SECTION 4, TOWNSHIP 48 NORTH, RANGE 2 EAST, SHOSHONE COUNTY, STATE OF IDAHO. SUBJECT TO ALL EASEMENTS, COVENANTS, CONDITIONS, RESERVATIONS, LEASES AND RESTRICTIONS OF RECORD, ALL LEGAL HIGHWAYS, ALL RIGHTS OF WAY, ALL ZONING, BUILDING AND OTHER LAWS, ORDINANCES AND REGULATIONS, ALL RIGHTS OF TENANTS IN POSSESSION, AND ALL REAL ESTATE TAXES AND ASSESSMENTS NOT YET DUE AND PAYABLE. BEING THE SAME PROPERTY CONVEYED BY DEED RECORDED IN DOCUMENT NO. 430333, OF THE SHOSHONE COUNTY, IDAHO RECORDS. The Current Trustee is Robert W. McDonald, Esq., whose address is 108 1st Ave. South, Suite 202, Seattle, Washington 98104 and who can be reached by telephone at (866) 925-0241. The Trustee has no knowledge of a more particular description of the above-described real property, but for purposes of compliance with Idaho Code Section 60-113, the Trustee has been informed that the street address of 170 BACK ST, SMELTERVILLE, ID 83868 may be associated with said real property. The sale will be made, without covenant or warranty regarding title, possession or encumbrances, to satisfy the obligation secured by and pursuant to the power of sale conferred in the Deed of Trust made and entered into on 10/22/2009, by and among ROBERT G MYERS AND LOLA C MYERS, HUSBAND AND WIFE, as Grantor, and U.S. BANK TRUST COMPLANY, NATIOANAL ASSOCIATION, as Trustee, and U.S. BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AS SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, N.D., as Beneficiary; said Deed of Trust having been filed of record on 11/16/2009, as Instrument No. 454625 Official Records of SHOSHONE County, Idaho. The naming of the above Grantor(s) is done to comply with Idaho Code Sections 45-1506(4)(a); no representation is made as to the responsibility of Grantor(s) for this obligation. The default for which foreclosure is made is grantor's failure to pay when due the following sum: TOTAL REQUIRED TO REINSTATE: $6,991.81 TOTAL REQUIRED TO PAYOFF: $39,187.73 Because of interest, late charges, and other charges that may vary from day-to-day, the amount due on the day you pay may be greater. It will be necessary for you to contact the Trustee before the time you tender reinstatement or the payoff amount so that you may be advised of the exact amount you will be required to pay. Dated this 11th day of May, 2022. By: Robert W. McDonald, Esq., Trustee TS No: ID-22-900380-BB IDSPub #0178472 5/17/2022 5/24/2022 5/31/2022 6/7/2022 SHO LEGAL 4122 AD#533745 MAY 17, 24, 31, JUNE 7, 2022

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