KPD Roll Call: Oct. 2-9

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•I feel like I forgot to do something last week. Wonder what it was?

•Assist county with an aggravated assault on Back St. in Page.

•Assist ISP with a vehicle crash on I-90 MP 49.

•Follow up on reports from last week.

•Worked on PC for Morning Star fire case.

•Welfare check with H&W at the Amy Lynn’s. Interviewed mother of a three-year-old. Cleared other agency assist. Every thing code 4.

•Released dog from pound.

•Complaint about some dogs on S Division. Will turn over to K90.

•County assist for theft in progress at Walmart. Cleared other agency Assist.

•Animal Complaint in the 300 Block of East Portland, Unable To Locate (UTL).

•Called to an NCO violation, suspect was running in and out of the house. He left just before we arrived, but was located within a few minutes a block away. Cleared, arrest.

•Extra patrols on 2nd St.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Follow up at KHS for K77.

•Walk through at KMS.

•Office call regarding a man sleeping on the sidewalk on Hill St. subject gone upon my arrival.

•Stationary radar patrols on McKinley, Cameron, and Bunker.

•Suspicious individual in the parking lot on the 10 block of S. Division. Later discovered it was Dave Smith employees moving vehicles in their adjacent lot.

•Called to Silver Mountain for a barking dog complaint. Owner was located and situation was under control.

•Vehicle contact in the PD parking lot, upon approaching the vehicle it drove off.

•Picking things up off the road from the wind.

•Foot patrol during soccer game/powder puff game (homecoming week).

•Traffic 900 block of S. Division (Wardner). Verbal warning for equipment (no front license plate). Verbal for purchasing Idaho Driver’s License (valid in Nevada), verbal to passenger for seat-belt.

•Traffic 800 block W. Cameron (verbal for obstructed license plate (big metal hooks on bumper obscuring the license plate.

•Suicidal subject 600 block of 2nd Street. RP was not on-scene, but subject was texting family. Did not appear anyone was at the residence, vehicle registered to subject was also not on-scene. Unable to locate.

•Possible physical domestic 100 block of W. Mullan. One subject broke into the residence as it was locked after leaving. Yelling from opposite rooms. Unfounded for domestic, peace restored as they agreed to stop yelling.

•Assisted K72 with recovery of stolen vehicle out of Coeur d’Alene, vehicle was recovered without incident.

•Traffic stop on Hill St. and Bunker for no turn signal. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop into the Conoco parking lot on Hill St for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched to suicidal subject on 600 block of 2nd St. Upon arrival, tried checking into the house from windows and banging on the doors but no one answered. Checked to see if subject’s vehicle was there but did not locate. Cleared negative contact.

•Dispatched to 100 block of W Mullan Ave for a domestic in progress. Upon arrival, I was able to hear yelling. Made contact and distinguished there was no physical altercation and cleared peace restored.

•Traffic stop next to Humdinger on Hill st for headlight burnt out. Cleared verbal.

•Recovered a stolen vehicle located at 100 block of E Portland Ave. Contacted reporting agency and cleared report taken.

•Assist fire with fire alarm at Fairbridge.

•Assist county with ATL elderly male walking by the 49 on ramp. Cleared UTL.

•Foot patrol Main, McKinley, E Portland.

•Finished felony arrest report.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Traffic stop on McKinley Ave. cleared verbal for equipment.

•Suspicious person at Dave Smith Motors. Cancelled prior to arrival as subject was given a ride to their residence.

•Handled a call regarding the recovered stolen vehicle from last night. There were questions about fingerprinting, we had no prior knowledge of the request and the vehicle was no longer in Kellogg. Referred to other agency.

•Found a vehicle parked at the city park bathrooms (literally 1 foot from the door). Person was still inside the vehicle. Unlicensed driver, wrecker called for removal. Upon arrival arrangement was made with wrecker for licensed driver to move the vehicle on owner’s behalf and wrecker was replaced at the top of the rotation. Hazard removed.

•Assist county in locating suspect for malicious injury to property incident. He was located and interviewed (by county) at the Trail Motel. Chrysler Sebring with Valley County (V) license plates. License plates are expired the person driving is suspended, knows it, and was even advised by ISP earlier in the day.

•Traffic stop W. Cameron in front of Subway. Verbal warning given to failing to turn on head lights (all lights for that matter). Showed him where the light switch was (spouse’s vehicle that he hardly ever drives).

•Welfare check 100 block of E. Portland. Checked welfare of children, they were good and residence is in good shape. Attempted to contact RP as he wanted a call, but phone went directly to voicemail. Left a message indicating children were good.

•Traffic stop on Jacobs Gulch Rd for 1 headlight. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched to 100 block of E Portland for disorderly conduct. Subject was yelling and cussing while on the phone arguing with someone. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched back to 100 block of E Portland for welfare check on two children. Children were code 4 and had plenty of support. Cleared public assist.

•Directed traffic for KHS Homecoming parade.

•Citizen contact at KPD reference public records request. Signed off on and need to pass along to different shift for completion, rquesting party notified.

•Dog at large 100 block of W. Mullan. Dog was already captured so it was easier to place in my vehicle for transport. Took to pound.... not even an hour later, owner posted bail and dog released.

•Stolen dog 10 block of W. Mullan. Information taken and neighborhood searched, roughly an hour later dog was recovered at the 1 neighbor that was unavailable for contact at the time. No report completed as dog was located prior to creating report.

•Dogs at large 800 block of S. Division (sensing a theme here for the night). Neighbors were able to place the dogs inside the residence but the owners of the dogs/residence were not home (door was left open). I hung a warning for city ordinance on the door, warning issued.

•Hit and run in front of Post Office. Happened several hours before and nobody was still on-scene. Contacted RP and they did not have any other information to assist in investigation. Not turning in to insurance company for claim, no report needed, they just wanted it documented. Nothing further to pass along for this incident.

•Watched Kellogg Football game...great job kids!

•Anonymous call reporting shots fired in the area of Helen and Riverside (nothing further). No other calls and a sweep of the area did not show anything out of the ordinary. Nobody to contact for further information (anonymous) so nothing to follow-up on. Unfounded.

•Anonymous tip call to the area of Helen and Riverside for shots fired. Combed the area for any of the reported circumstances but was unable to hear any shots or anything similar. Cleared UTL.

•Traffic stop on 10 block of Railroad Ave for light not being on during the night. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on Mullan and N Division for 1 headlight out. Cleared verbal.


•Dispatched to the area of E Park Ave. for dogs barking during the night for several hours. Upon arrival, K72 found the house the dogs were barking from however the dogs made it very hard to get to the house as they were not friendly AT ALL. Eventually made it to the house by moving VERY SLOWLY but no one answered. Will be in touch with the homeowners to give them a citation for public nuisance at a later date. Cleared report taken.

•While patrolling during the night, K72 came by a house with ONCE AGAIN dogs barking during the night hours. While approaching the gate and stepping inside the barking dog began to act aggressively and started slowly approaching me. The homeowner saw me and thankfully came outside, provided the homeowner with a verbal warning about her dogs continuously barking during the night and had someone called in she would have been getting a citation as well. Cleared verbal. For some reason tonight was the night every dog in the neighborhood decided to bark non-stop. K72 will be requesting from chief a Dog catcher Snare Pole (as well as some brown pants) as K72 nearly jumped out of my uniform several times while dealing with these dogs.

•Traffic stop on 600 block of Bunker Ave for no turn signal. Driver didn’t have a license. Cleared cite for invalid license.

•Dispatched to 100 block of W Mission for a battery event. RP showed evidence of battery and explained that he was battered by another male juvenile. Later located male juvenile suspect at 100 block of E Portland and arrested him for Battery. Cleared arrest.

•Follow up on a call I received last night regarding barking dogs on the 1 block of E Park. Ended up giving a verbal warning for the dogs.

•Motorist assist at McKinley and South Division, car broke down right in front of me going up the hill, Ran out of fuel. After a ride to the gas station was given he was back on his way. Public assist.

•LL request regarding e-mail scam. Cleared unfounded.

•Citizen contact at Cameron Conoco. Subject ran out of gas at WB MP 12 Near Saltese... yes Montana. Said he got a ride from a weird guy and the guy did a magic trick to him and stole his keys. He also told me that he could have left them in the vehicle and the guy drove off. I advised Montana Highway Patrol of the situation, and advised the owner of the car/car keys to have a tow company pick up the vehicle. Turns out the guy had left his keys in his own car.

•Assisted County with a felony warrant arrest.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Foot patrol. Mission Ave, Hill St, Helen, Elder.

•Report of a stolen out board motor. A 5 horse camo Briggs and Stratton. Report taken.

•Report of a mother/daughter argument on S Division. Was able to calm them both if for only the evening.

•Report of a stolen tire on Elder. Tire was not stolen. Cleared unfounded.

•Patrolled the rainy streets and alleys of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Suspicious person/vehicle up by the golf course, might be hunting in the area. K73 contacted and it was a person walking their dog, unfounded.

•Possible DUI eastbound I90 from 39. K76 found vehicle, unable to establish pattern or PC for stop. Unfounded.

•Possible 8004 driver Eastbound I-90 from 39, RO had an address in Kellogg, Found the vehicle but no PC for stop, as well as vehicle was driving pretty normal. Cleared, Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Traffic Stop in the 100 block of E Portland for equipment. Verbal given.

•Traffic stop in the 100 Block of East Cameron Ave. for stop sign violation, verbal.

•Traffic stop on the I-90 49 Westbound on ramp. Verbal was given for speed.

•Finally getting a little chilly at night!

•Thank K75 for this week’s photo.

Be happy, Be Safe, I think it’s safe to say Fall is here. Enjoy the colors while they last.

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