KPD Roll Call: Oct. 30-Nov. 6

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KPD shot of the week.

•Traffic stop on Hill St under I90 overpass for no turn signal. Cleared verbal.

•As K72 was clearing from his last traffic stop, he noticed a vehicle driving with cookies on top of their car! Conducted a traffic stop for driving with cookies on top of their vehicle (also, they had expired registration tags). Gave said driver his cookies and cleared verbal.

•Landline request regarding a lost wallet and fraudulent use of his credit cards. Cleared report taken.

•Follow up on FTC (fraudulent use of a financial transaction card) case.

•Dispatched to U.S. Bank for a highly intoxicated male wanting to speak with an officer. Subject was gone upon my arrival, sounds like his girlfriend came to pick him up (which I’m sure is a better option than where K72 was planning to take him).

•Traffic complaint on 500 block of 2nd St. Cleared unfounded.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner. Heavy emphasis patrols for all the spirits running around collecting candy.

•Traffic complaint near the intersection of Hill and Mission. Report of silver car speeding up and down the roadway, last seen westbound on Riverside. Attempted to locate without success.

•Emphasis patrols Riverside, Mullan, Mission for 2+ hours. All vehicles that I came across traveling speeds 19 mph and below. Most of the vehicles were following trick-or-tr-eaters.

•Citizen contact in the 100 block of Kellogg Avenue. Flagged down as they were curious where all the kids were (they possibly bought too much candy expecting the knocking on the door).

•Responded to a vehicle crash on the 10 block of S. Division. There were no injuries during the crash. Report was taken.

•Handled a landline request regarding animal issues.

•Received another landline request but was unable to make contact.

•Report of CPOR (protection order) violation. RP is out of town for the evening, statement received via fax. Will follow-up tomorrow.

•Assisted K72 with his arrest and evidence.

•Follow up with 662 on a case which led to an arrest on the amount of probable cause we obtained. Also ended up charging male suspect with Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule II, Possession of Stolen Property, and Possession of Paraphernalia.

•Assist K77 with vehicle crash from I-90 WB 51 offramp.

•LL request regarding info about K72’s fraud case.

•Welfare check with Health and Welfare. Cleared Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Evidence work (and more evidence work).

•Follow-up on investigations.

•Assisted county on Traffic stop in Stein’s parking lot. This was with a suspect in CPOR violation report. Subject was cited and released for Violation of CPOR by both KPD and County (there was a separate incident in Walmart).

•Report of theft 400 block of Bunker. Left statement to be completed, report taken and pending further.

•Noise complaint at Silver Mountain. Began with children and ended with the adults. Some pushing took place and a citation was issued. Parties were separated as well as could be.

•Citizen contact on Main st and McKinley. Subject was code 4 and negative 29’s (warrant).

•Citizen contact in the Kellogg Park. Advised individual the park is closed during the night. Male left the premises.

•Citizen contact on Hill St and Railroad Ave. Male was code 4 and negative 29’s.

•Citizen contact on McKinley Ave and Hill St. Male subject was code 4 and negative 29’s.

•Dispatched to 100 block of Presley Ave. for Battery event. Female victim stated she was hit in the face by two male suspects. Unable to locate suspects. Cleared report taken.

•Dispatched back to 100 block of Presley Ave. for male suspects back at the same victim’s house and banging on the back door. Arrived on scene literally within seconds of the call coming out but was unable to locate any male individuals in the area. Cleared unfounded.

•Traffic stop on Hill St. and McKinley for not having lights on during the night hours. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on S Division in front of Panhandle Linen for not having lights on at night as well. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on Utah and Brown St. for one working headlight. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on Hill St. and Riverside for expired temporary registration. Driver was giving his friends a ride home since they were intoxicated. Cleared verbal.

•Assisted K76 with a fight in progress at Eddie Joe’s. Parties were separated and peace restored. Cleared agency assist.

•Citizen contact on Hill St. and Riverside. Subject was code 4 and negative 29’s.

•Called to 100 block of Presley for an unwanted subject-Cleared other agency assist.

•Called to Assisted county in Osburn, Male Kicked door down to gain entry while the home owner was home. Cleared other agency assist.

•Called to a fight in progress at Eddie Joes. Cleared peace restored, however follow up will be conducted for video footage. Person that handles the footage is gone till Tuesday. Incident was created.

•Assisted 1223 with a DUI arrest.

•Dispatched to a burglary in progress on the 800 block of W. Park Ave. Upon arrival with the help of the Sheriff’s Office, we detained a couple of juveniles inside the residence. Turns out they were vandalizing and stealing items from the residence.

•Handled numerous landline requests regarding civil issues.

•Dispatched to the 200 block of Emerald St. for a possible break-in of a residence. After looking into the matter, K77 discovered no sign of forced entry or items stolen. Owner of home was notified via landline.

•Conducted a civil standby on the 200 block of E. Idaho.

•Advised of a welfare check by dispatch, however the caller didn’t want to give the location of the individual (Yes, you read that right, the caller that was requesting the welfare check refused to give us the location of the individual needing the welfare check). Kept an eye out for the individual as he frequently walks around town, was unable to locate throughout the night.

•Called to a welfare check on an elderly female that was staying at the trail motel. Female wasn’t answering phone calls from family and they were worried. She was code 4. Showing me her phone, K76 advised her that it was in airplane mode and he helped her with turning it off. She then contacted her family to let her know she was okay. Clear public assist.

•Courtesy transport from SMC for an elderly female back to her home. Cleared public assist.

•SKOL x 10.

•Citizen contact at on Portland in the entrance to the upper bank parking lot. She was just letting her dog out, dog had to go at 3 a.m. Cleared public assist.

•Traffic stop 700 block S. Division for speed. Cleared verbal.

•Vehicle blocking construction on Vergobbi Ave. Cleared public assist.

•Concerned citizen called to report vehicle partially blocking roadway on McKinley. Vehicle was off the roadway. Cleared public assist.

•Follow up on juvenile case.

•Dispatched to Hill St. Conoco for an adult female wearing orange pumpkin pants. It was reported that she had thrown something at a 9 year old. Made contact with parent of 9 year old and spoke with the 9 year old. He was not struck with anything and was unsure what it was that she threw. Found said adult female and pants, questioned her about the what happened. She stated that she threw down a cigarette butt but did not throw anything at anybody. Cleared Verbal. So K73 thought

•Dispatched to the Cameron Conoco for a missing/stolen cell phone. K73 made contact with the clerk and she told me that female with orange pumpkin pants came into the store and possibly picked up her cell phone that she had left on the ice cream cooler. K73 was able to locate the pumpkin pants girl again and ask her about the phone. She stated that she had found her mother’s phone and that she had returned it to her car. Explained to her that was not her mom’s phone and we needed to give it back to the proper owner. Phone was recovered and returned.

•Dispatched to a vehicle crash on Cameron Ave. and Chestnut. This was during the deluge of rain and was possibly a factor in the crash. One vehicle needed towed. Report taken.

•While on the first crash another crash was reported uptown by Wells Fargo. Vehicle possibly struck a tree while driving on the sidewalk then parked in front of Wells Fargo. County was able to make contact with the sidewalk driver and ultimately arrested him for DUI. No trees were damaged and better yet no people were damaged. Cleared County assist.

•Traffic stop in the gondolier parking lot for no plates. Verbal.

•Citizen contact in front of the Amy Lynn’s, vehicle idling at about 3 a.m. As soon as K76 pulled up the vehicle drove off. Cleared.

•Words from the Chief– “Make sure your reports for October have been started and all dollar values have been added for any theft type reports by tomorrow”

•VIN inspection at 100 block Vergobbi. Cleared public assist.

•Follow up on cases.

•Attempted paper service. Negative contact.

•Disturbance 900 block of W. Cameron. Brothers calling in on one another for breaking items in the residence. Parent was on scene and showed broken utility door. Stated it was nothing they could not handle as parent. Spoke with other juvenile about use of 911. Unfounded.

•Civil papers attempt x1. Served x1.

•Observed Semi tractor-trailer in the 900 block of W. Cameron trying to turn around using parking lot. Directed them to dirt turnout at top of road and they were able to get out without incident.

•Towed vehicle from alleyway in 300 block W. Mullan 2-years expired plates.

•Tagged camper trailer on 100 block of Elder for partially blocking roadway.

•Verbal warning on W Riverside for parking within 15’ of fire hydrant.

•Parking complaint 300 block of Cedar. Cleared verbal warning.

Be Happy, Be safe, The white stuff is coming.

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