KPD Roll Call: Jan. 1-8

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KPD shot of the week

•Agency assist in Smelterville for warrant service. Subject provided false ID to deputy. I was able to ID subject. Caden Brown was taken into custody.

•Follow up in Smelterville for fraud case. Negative contact, place of business was closed.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Tagged Vehicle across from 137 W Mullan for 48-hour notice.

•Waved down by citizen to inform me of abandoned vehicle.

•Tagged vehicle by old community ambulance building for 48-hour notice.

•Attempt To Locate (ATL) on 8004 driver located driver at Kellogg City Limits. Driver not drunk just old.

•Assisted County as a cover unit on Northview in Smelterville for a warrant service.

•Dispatched to Silver Mt. for a medical assist. Individual was experiencing a heart attack.

•Worked on reports and evidence.

•Traffic stop on Cameron Avenue for speed. Verbal.

•Traffic stop on the 49 Westbound on ramp. Verbal for obstructing the roadway.

•Followed up on cases.

•Called to the 100 Block of East Portland for a male looking into vehicles with a flashlight, was unable to locate anyone in the area.

•Called to the 300 block of Chestnut for a argument. Firearm possibly was pulled, however after investigating, no firearm was pulled and was just a verbal argument. Cleared, parties separated and peace restored.

•Patrolled the Wardner canyon.

•Evidence work.

•Assist K71 with cold case files.

•Called to 200 block of E. Portland Avenue for a suspicious person. Checked the area but was unable to locate said individual.

•Dispatched to the 400 block of W. Riverside for suspicious activity. Reporting party said a tractor trailer was unloading vehicles in the street. K76 checked the area and found nothing.

•Business alarm went off at the 100 block of S. Division. Checked the building and discovered not forced entry.

•Assisted County with a warrant service up Moon Gulch.

•Abandoned vehicle that was up for tow in the 100 block of Mullan Avenue. Cleared.

•Traffic stop in the 600 block of Cameron Avenue for headlight out. Verbal.

•Traffic stop at Cameron and Bunker Avenue for speed. Verbal.

•Follow up on current cases.

•Contacted about a possible injury to child case, interviews. Report taken.

•Citizen contact at the Shoshone apartments, female had questions regarding a no contact order. Cleared public assist.

•Traffic stop in the Yokes parking lot for stop sign violation. Verbal.

•Motorist assist in the 2000 block McKinley Avenue. He was code 4, Just enjoying the view and eating his Humdinger BBQ pork sandwich. Cleared, Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Dispatched to Silver Mtn. for people a smoking marijuana cigarette out front. Arrived on scene and K77 was able to locate the source. Individuals were issued a warning and educated the difference between Washington and Idaho laws.

•Dispatched again to Silver Mtn. for a disturbance between a couple. Made contact with both of them who had separate themselves for the night. Gave a verbal warning for the noise.

•Responded to the Trail Motel for a disturbance. Upon arrival K77 discovered the two parties were separated for the night. Gave a verbal for the noise violation.

•Foot patrol on Railroad Avenue & Bunker Avenue.

•Called to the IGA parking lot for a welfare check of a male slumped over the steering wheel. Male was transported to SMC.

•Traffic stop in the McDonalds parking lot for stop sign violation. Verbal.

•Traffic stop at Hill and Railroad for stop sign violation. Verbal.

•Dispatched aired an attempt to locate an underage driver in the area of Smelterville/Kellogg. Located said individual on the corner of Hill Street & Railroad Avenue sitting in the vehicle. Family was contacted who picked up the vehicle and the juvenile.

•Citizen contact on the 100 block of N. Hill Street. Individual wanted to notify me about a stolen cell phone. K77 was able to ping the phone using GPS and got its location on the 600 block of Bunker Avenue. Did some searching and narrowed it down to a single residence. Later K77 was able to recover the cell phone and return it to the owner.

•Dispatched to Silver Mtn. for a vehicle parked in front of the stores between the buildings. Vehicle was gone upon arrival.

•Responded to suspicious activity on Mill Street & Main Street. Reporting party claimed someone was peeking into vehicles parked along the roads. Checked the area but was unable to find anyone matching the description provided to K77 by the reporting party.

•Parking/driving complaint at Silver Mountain. Vehicle(s) driving and/or parking on the walkways between buildings. Checked the area, only vehicle that pulled up onto walkway was band removing equipment from Noah’s. Unable to Locate (UTL).

•Located a vehicle at the top of Sierra Nevada (Wardner). Currently registered and not stolen, unoccupied. Vehicle was not on the roadway or a hazard.

•Suspicious person in the area of Main and Mill. Unable to locate person(s) in the area, reported subject to be looking inside vehicles with flashlight, unknown direction of travel after Main on foot.

•Assisted Medical personnel at Teeter’s Field with subject that fell and sustained injuries....yes it was very slick in that area!!

•Assisted county and Idaho State Police with suicidal male out of Washington. Male was located and county and state were able to contact before he arrived back to Kellogg. Contacted family of male at Silver Mountain regarding the incident.

•Called to Yokes for shoplifter. Located shoplifter and trespassed from Yokes. Cleared public assist.

•Started dead head patrol, for those of you that don’t know what that is, it has nothing to do with the grateful dead and all about cars that are parked on the streets not running or just blocking snow removal.

•Finished reports.

•Follow up in Smelterville for fraud report. Negative contact.

•It snowed....a little.

•Video migration on computers.

•Who do the Seahawks play this week? Oh yeah, the same team the Vikings play.

•All freshly snowed upon streets traveled and patrolled.

•NIBRS errors and clearance work.

•Called to the 400 block of Chestnut for a report of, well K73 was not sure what he was trying to report. So, he gave it to K76.

•Patrolled in the snow.

•Follow up for K76.

•LL request regarding embezzlement. Cleared report taken.

•Extra patrols conducted.

•Continued video migration from 2018 body cam videos (stored onto backup drive).

•Citizen contact at Cameron Conoco. Wanted to report striking a dog with vehicle. Information relayed to county (did not occur in town). Gathered driver’s info in the event it was required. Referred to other agency.

Be Happy, Be Safe, Stop and enjoy the sunrise.

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