KPD Roll Call: Feb. 25-March 5

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KPD shot of the week.

•Please welcome Fireman Sam (probie) to the Kellogg Police Department. If you see him out and about, give him a wave like you would if he was still a Fireman and not a police officer, you know with more than one finger.

•Handled numerous landline requests regarding a civil matters.

•Responded to the 100 block of W. Cameron Ave. for a security alarm. Building turned out to be secured and no signs of distress or forced entry.

•Conducted some foot patrols on W. Cameron Ave., McKinley Ave & Railroad Ave. Saw foot prints in the snow around CDA bank where foot prints should not be (Walking around the building in thigh deep snow). Saw that the foot prints lead from the ATM machine, but the ATM did not appear to have been tampered with. Checked on all the other ATM machines throughout Kellogg but they all seemed in working order & undisturbed.

•Dispatched to the 300 block of Maple for an unwanted subject who was intoxicated. Located individual on Railroad Ave. and K75 took them to the jail for a detox hold.

•Conducted a traffic stop on Hill St. near Kellogg City Park. Gave a verbal warning for stop sign violation.

•Called to Silver Mtn. for a noise complaint. Made contact with the individuals and gave a verbal warning.

•Dispatched to the 700 block of Upper 3rd St. for a parking complaint. Upon arrival

•K74 observed a vehicle parked in the middle of the roadway. Located owner and got them to move their vehicle.

•Responded to the 600 block of Bunker Ave. for a theft. Report was taken.

•Patrolled the snowy streets of Kellogg.

•Called to the 300 block of Maple for an unwanted intoxicated subject, male left upon arrival. After suspect was located, he was very intoxicated and was taken in for a detox.

•Called to Silver Mountain for a noise complaint, male playing loud music, after contact was made with the male, he turned the music down. Cleared NAT (Necessary Action Taken).

•Citizen contact/suspicious vehicle at the Cameron Conoco, male driver was just catching some sleep before he continued his drive. Cleared NAT.

•Checked on vehicle available for tow (abandoned - snow removal) on W. Riverside. Nickerson’s unavailable today.

•Follow-up on current investigation.

•Evidence work.

•Welfare check 100 block of W. Mullan, subjects are disconnected making it difficult for people to contact them via phone.

•Patrolled the cold cold streets.

•Assisted county with a suicidal subject. Cleared other agency assist.

•Welfare check related to county assist above, subject was code 4.

•Citizen contact with suspicious male in the early morning hours near the front of IGA, turned out he was sifting through some ashes looking for cigarette butts (cig-butt mining) he could finish off, he then went home after the contact. Cleared NAT.

•Citizen contact at riverside and Hill St. Male was walking home from the bar and was very cold. Courtesy ride was given to his home. Cleared public assist.

•Kellogg Middle School patrol, Lost/stolen wallet issues.

•Wind drift bust’n.

•Report of a drunk person by the Fair Bridge was not drunk had just been released from SMC.

•Landline request regarding civil issues (landlord/tenant). Landline completed and referred to court process.

•Landline request regarding parking issues. Landline complete, extra patrols requested.

•Request to release dog from pound. Owner was not available, but was then available, nobody showed up. Dog is still in pound. Citation to be issued to owner upon release.

•Interview and follow-up at Kootenai Health.

•911 hang up in the 600 block McKinley everything was code 4.

•Assisted county with a warrant service, negative contact X2.

•Took a dog in from the county.

•Attempt to locate possible DUI. White jeep wrangler, searched Kellogg and Wardner, unable to locate.

•Fire alarm @ Fairbridge. Arrived with fire chief, unfounded/false alarm.

•Business alarm 700 block of McKinley, maintenance person on-scene and false alarm. Also showing non-compliant sex offender status, contacted county to come do compliance check.

•Traffic stop on Hill St. for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal.

•Patrolled the freezing streets of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Assist County with fight in progress in Smelterville. Cleared other agency assist.

•Landline request regarding dog. Landline was made, public assist.

•Traffic at Gondolier, verbal for stop sign. Citation issued for DWP (infraction).

•Traffic Utah/W. Cameron. Verbal for stop sign.

•Battery 400 block of Bunker, initial victim did not want to pursue charges/be a victim, but wanted the person talked to. While speaking with suspect, they elected to swing wildly at K74 and ended up going to jail. Arrest made, report completed.

•Vandalism in the 100 block of W. Cameron. Turned out NOT to be any damaged/destruction to property, but someone trespassing. This person still needs to be trespassed but has not been contacted since the initial report. Public Assist.

•Dispatched to 600 block of W. Cameron Ave. for an out of control individual. Assisted Medical personnel with transport to SMC.

•Responded to the 200 block of E. Portland Ave. for petit theft. Victim wanted to notify law enforcement of items missing from their residence.

•Foot patrol around E Portland and E. Idaho. Upon walking through Amy Lynn’s heard music from one of the apartments while walking through the parking lot. 0300 wasn’t the time to deal with a noise complaint so I asked tenant to turn the music down.

•Domestic at 115 E Portland. Verbal only.

•Dispatched to 400 Block of Bunker Ave for a theft. Turned out to be a civil issue.

•Responded to the Trail Motel for a possible break-in of an apartment. I didn’t discover any evidence indicating this took place.

•Assisted County with a warrant service in Smelterville, Page area and the Amy Lynns.

•Responded to the Gondolier for a possible intoxicated driver. Checked the area but was unable to locate said individual. County, ISP and Osburn PD a short time later found the vehicle on the east end of the valley and made a couple arrest.

•Handled a parking complaint on the 600 block of S. Division. Individual moved both vehicles out of the roadway.

•Conducted paper services in Pinehurst and Elk Creek area.

•Public assist on the 200 block of E. Portland. Female slipped and fell on the ice next to me. Assisted her until Medical Personnel arrived.

•Dispatched to the Trail Motel for a disturbance. After speaking with both parties, peace was restored.

•While patrolling K77 ended up getting his vehicle stuck and buried in the snow. Luckily for him, K75 was nice enough to help dig him out.

•Traffic stop on W. Cameron Ave 600 block. Cleared verbal.

•Paper service neg contact x 2.

•First day for the probie and he breaks the “oh dang” handle in K73’s Durango. For that we will now call him basement saver.

•Paper service neg contact x 2

•Paper service x 2 Papers served.

•School patrol.

•The basement saver did not break anything today so he is back to probie.

•Dispatched to 100 block of E. Portland Ave. for a no contact order violation. Report was taken.

•Handled a landline request regarding threats.

•Dispatched to a dog at large on the 200 block of Emerald. Located owner and returned the little guy home.

•Served civil papers in Wardner.

•Dispatched to a dog bite on the 100 block of E. Portland Ave. Met with both parties involved and gave a verbal warning.

•Assist county with 29 service. Cleared other agency assist.

•Had vehicles move for snow removal.


•Probie is doing well. He will be a great asset to KPD.

Be Happy, Be Safe, Don’t forget to spring ahead.

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