KPD Roll Call: July 3-10

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KPD shot of the week.


•Patrol meeting.

•Assisted ISP with Traffic stop in the IGA parking lot. Other agency assist.

•Called to a 911 open line at the gondolier, everything was code 4. Cleared, Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Traffic stop in the 300 block McKinley. Verbal warning for equipment.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Fireworks complaint lower 3rd/Flume area. Attempted to locate subjects but was unable to locate.

•Extra patrol requested (completed) Mill in Wardner.

•Located vehicle with interior lights on 100 block W. Mill, Kellogg. Owner notified, nothing out of place (they just completed unloading at their destination).

•Located vehicle with interior lights on 100 block Cathryn, owner notified, nothing out of place as vehicle was secure. Stated they were doing work earlier and left the lights on.

•Attempt to locate injured deer in the 51 area of town. Reported to have come from Silver Valley Road onto I90. Checked area without success.

•Fight in progress Dirty Dog Saloon, contacted most parties involved. One subject was struck and declined to pursue charges. Bar tender/management wanted 3 subjects trespassed. Information was collected, relayed and they were trespassed. Victim refuse.

•Suspicious vehicle Jones Street in Wardner, contacted vehicle in roadway and all was unfounded.

•Foot patrol around City Park. Assist County with runaway juvenile. Juvenile was located at the City Park and taken into custody without incident.

•Citizen contact at City Park regarding parked car blocking another vehicle in. After public announcement vehicle was moved.

•Citizen contact at City Park for animal complaint. Cleared NAT.

•Called to 300 block Ohio for information. RP stated she was worried about concrete wall falling onto fire hydrant. Fire Dept. was made aware of situation and they handled from there. Cleared refer other agency.

•Citizen Contact on S. Division and E. Market. RP stated kids were throwing “pop rocks” at cars or throwing them under the tires. Children were verbally warned to not throw them near cars.

•Citizen contact in parking lot of Wells Fargo. Subject had information to share about runaway juvenile from earlier in the day. Cleared NAT.

•Called to Noah’s Canteen regarding dog at large. Owners picked up dog prior to my arrival. Cleared NAT.

•Follow up on reports.

•Called to the Trail Motel an unwanted subject.

•Fireworks complaints... A LOT.

•Lots of foot patrol Kellogg City Park, Silver Mountain, Wildcat Way, Bunker, Main, McKinley.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner

•Foot patrols all of Bunker, bike path, City Park, McKinley. Random locations of Mullan and Mission as well.

•Numerous complaints of fireworks. NAT on all as the entire city skyline had fireworks popping off.

•Welfare check on children left inside a vehicle on Bunker Ave. Vehicle was gone upon arrival. It was also reported male left children unattended for drug use at another location. Was able to make contact with one of the parents at a later time and this was not the case, as one of the persons was being picked up to be taken to work. UNFOUNDED.

•Unwanted subject(s) at 200 block of W. Cameron, ended up being more of a civil stand-by than anything and subjects were asked to leave. Left without issue. Public assist.

•Assist County in Smelterville with trying to catch a person with a warrant that was a lot faster than I was.

•Patrolled the park.

•Domestic at Kellogg City Park, while in route parties separated. I made contact with female half, she stated it was verbal and nothing further. Cleared parties separated.

•Follow up for K71 on his Hit and Run.

•Follow up on petit theft from Yokes.

•HIN inspection 200 block W Mullan Ave. Cleared public assist.

•Took dog into pound from County.

•Suicidal subject 400 block S. Division. Subject was willing to go with ambulance and get checked out. Cleared other agency assist.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Traffic stop 1000 block McKinley. UTV verbal warning for passenger(s) sitting on one another’s lap (2 seater carrying 3 persons). They were at their destination anyway.

•Parking ticket issued Division/I90 area. This vehicle was also tagged for 48-hour removal given the location. Attempted contact with registered owner (negative contact).

•Chased down fireworks on S. Division 600 block all the way through 4th Street. Located what I could and gave verbal warnings.

•Death in the 400 block of W. Riverside, ambulance requesting law enforcement response. Upon arrival found out this was attended as they were attempting life saving measures. Nothing further required on LE side.

•Unknown vehicle crash I90 mile post 52. Upon arrival (westbound), vehicle vs deer ISP handled. Remained briefly for traffic control due to blind corner. County units relieved for remainder of traffic control.

•Called to suspicious circumstances 10 block W. Mullan Ave. RP called before arrival and stated it was a guy he had hired to work on his house, he had stayed in his car and slept there after working the day before. Cleared NAT.

•Called to SMC for disorderly conduct. Male subject left before my arrival, staff stated he was being very verbal about his wife who was a patient in there. They did not want him trespassed. Cleared peace restored.

•Traffic stop on Cameron Ave. for speed, cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on Main St. in Wardner, cleared verbal for speed.

•Traffic stop 800 block S. Division for speed, cleared verbal.

•Released dog from pound.

•Theft not in progress 100 block W. Mission.

•911 hang-up 300 block W. Park. Cleared NAT.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Updated reports/follow-up.

•911 hang-up 300 block W. Park, turned out subject called 911 quite some time ago to report erratic driver out in the county. Due to lack of service in the area, believe the phone was still in Emergency Mode after using 911 and tried dialing. Everything was good at residence.

•Citizen request contact 10 block of Mill (Kellogg), questions regarding eviction process, referred to courts/courthouse for eviction process. Public assist.

•Flagged down by citizen W. Mission and Division regarding found substance. Located baggie near intersection of Helen and Elder. Looked to be fine (non-lumpy) dirt. Disposed of bag. Public assist.

•Animal complaint, dogs barking 10 block of E. Park. After leaving written warning at residence (no answer) ran into owners on their way home. Verbal warning given.

•Called to suspicious person on bike trail WB by The Bean wearing a flak jacket and a gas mask. Was in the area as the call went out. Cleared Unable To Locate (UTL).

•LOTS of foot patrol.

•Follow up on reports.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.


•Traffic stop with a vehicle with no plates next to the post office. Verbal warning.

•Assisted Medical in the 200 block of Rose St. with an unconscious, unresponsive male. Other agency assist.

•Called to the PD parking lot for a female that was said to have been trapped underneath her vehicle, however upon arrival, she had tripped and fallen. Cleared other agency assist.

•Flagged down in the 200 block of W Mission with questions regarding Neighborhood cats. Public assist.

•Mobile patrol of Kellogg & Wardner.

•Assisted K76 with a traffic stop on W. Portland Ave.

•Conducted a traffic stop on W. Cameron Ave. & Hill St. Cleared verbal warning.

•Citizen contact on Gold Ave. regarding operating a mini bike at night time with no lights.


•Traffic stop in the Silver Valley tire parking lot for speed. Verbal.

•Traffic stop on Bunker before the bridge. Verbal.

•Called to the PD for a citizen contact regarding trespassing. Public assist.

•Citizen contact at the PD regarding a unlawful entry. Report taken.

•Called to the 10 block of Kellogg Ave. for a report of a lost child, Child was located before I arrived, NAT.

•Follow up with K71.

•Mobile patrol of Kellogg & Wardner.

•Dispatched to the 300 block of W. Cameron Ave. for a noise complaint. Verbal warning was given.

•Dispatched to the 500 block of W. Mission Ave. for a noise complaint. Searched the area but was unable to observe any disturbance. Cleared unfounded.

•Conducted a traffic stop on Hill St. near Humdinger. Verbal warning was given.

•Assisted County in Smelterville with an open door near the Sands Motel.


•Traffic stop on S. Division for speed. Verbal.

•Extra patrol in the 100 block of E Riverside, there was a report of people speeding in the construction area, after conducting stationary patrol for approximately 30 minutes, the fastest speed captured was 20.

•Attempted follow up. Negative contact.

•Vin inspection in the 700 block of Caledonia. Public assist.

•Assisted K71 with traffic stop next to the Avista building.

•Mobile patrol of Kellogg & Wardner.

•Dispatched to the 300 block of W. Cameron Ave. for a noise complaint. I was unable to make contact with the source of the noise compliant. Call had to be pended to day shift for contact.

•Checked out on a suspicious vehicle at the city park on Theater Rd. Owner was contacted and they picked up the vehicle.

•Citizen contact with 3 bicyclists on S. Division regarding no lights while riding on the roadway. Verbal warning was given.

•Called to a multi-vehicle crash at Cameron Ave. and the 49 on ramp, driver of the main impact vehicle was cited and released.

•Citizen contact at the PD regarding a dog in question. Public assist.

Be happy, be safe and make sure to stay hydrated!

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